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How to Overcome Anxiety: 5 Amazing Remedies to Try

Nowadays most people deal with anxiety and chronic stress. The common symptoms that they experience due to this are agitation, nervousness, tension, racing heart, and chest pain. Anxiety is known as the most common mental health issue. According to the research, there are around 18% of adults get affected due to anxiety every year.

Some people who face any issue with an overactive thyroid can also show anxiety symptoms. It is normal to get nervous but the issue occurs when this nervousness turns into fear. Talking about anxiety you would see various types of disorders associated with it such as generalized anxiety disorder and panic disorder wherein the person faces symptoms such as sweating, trembling, shaking, and more.

Considering these issues, it is important to look for a solution to recover from them as early as possible. Most people take the help of medication, talk therapy, and or supplements—as deficiencies in magnesium have been linked to anxiety. But here the benefits could vary as everyone has a different level of issues. There are ways or lifestyle changes that can be adapted to calm the anxiety. Here are few ways which you can refer to.


Many people prefer to get the help of CBD for anxiety. Cannabidiol Oil is known to be a derivative cannabis plant and it is used to reduce the potential signs of anxiety. Many of you must be thinking that it contains THC which can create a high effect on the mind. But CBD oil is free from it and hence you can use it sparingly. CBD oil is purchased from any medical store without any prescription.

Herbal Teas

If you are a tea lover then this would be your most favorite way to deal with the anxiety. Here you would be preparing herbal tea for yourself. Most herbal teas help to reduce anxiety and sleeping issues. According to the research herbal teas such as chamomile shown a great result on stress hormones and alter the level of cortisol. Apart from the herbal tea, you can also consult your doctor for an herbal supplement to reduce anxiety.


Didn’t know that relaxing aromatherapy can also help with anxiety. According to the expert’s certain aroma fragrances help with mental stress and all anxiety-related issues. Lavender oil is the most recommended one when it comes to reducing anxiety symptoms. These aromatherapy fragrances also help to reduce the heart rate and ease sleeping issues. You can try various aromatherapy oils depending upon your choice and then decide the best one that suits you.


If you scroll your Instagram feed or watch videos of famous YouTubers then you would find one common thing in between them i.e., journaling. You might have also seen many people around you who practice journal writing every day.

Writing Journal helps to put down all your thoughts on the paper which in results helps to express the anxiety and make you feel manageable. You might have seen many people raving about the miraculous benefits of journaling when it comes to reducing stress and overall anxiety issues. You can also practice the gratitude journal which would help you to express the feeling of happiness and fulfill Ness.


Generally, people indulge in exercise to keep themselves healthy physically but little didn’t they know that exercise can also help you to deal with mental health as well. You can choose any form of exercise such as cardio, yoga, walking, etc. Here the purpose is to move the body. Regular exercise helps to burn off anxiety.

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