best free dj software Tech

A Review of the 10 Best Free DJ Software

It’s becoming easier to be a DJ nowadays with all the easy-to-use technology readily available. All you need is a laptop, an entry-level DJ hardware …

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how to tell your boss you're sick text message Careers

How to Tell Your Boss You’re Sick Via Text Message

Different workplaces have different policies when it comes to texting, however, the general idea is to send a text that’s clear and informative. It should …

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sell broken tv Inspiration

How to Sell Your Broken TV: Places to Make Cash and Recycle

Remember back in the day when TVs were those big blocks that weighed a ton and seemed virtually indestructible? Well, despite being almost extinct nowadays, …

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songs about losing a friend Inspiration

6 Soothing Songs About Losing A Friend: Grieving Through Music

Friends. They’re the people who give meaning to our lives. They help us celebrate the good times and cope with the tough times. Friends aren’t …

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used golf clubs Hobbies

How to Play on a Budget: Best Used Golf Clubs

Playing golf doesn’t have to come at a great cost. In fact, buying used golf clubs is a smart way to cut back on any …

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how to make yourself throw up Health

How to Make Yourself Throw Up: The Ultimate Guide

Throwing up or vomiting refers to the involuntary ejection of the stomach’s contents through the mouth or, in some cases, even the nose. This is …

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nightmare before christmas quotes Quotes

Welcome to Halloweentown: 43 Iconic “The Nightmare Before Christmas” Quotes

With his critically acclaimed “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” Tim Burton has managed to create a gloomy, funny, and educational masterpiece. In this thrilling adventure, an …

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v for vendetta quotes Quotes

32 Most Iconic “V for Vendetta” Quotes: The Wisdom Behind the Mask

“V for Vendetta” focuses on the importance of freedom of individuals from the government, and it delivers its message in a brilliant way. Moreover, this …

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han solo quotes Quotes

55 Han Solo Quotes that Prove He’s the Best Antihero Ever

Han Solo is not your traditional antihero by any means. After all, he’s quite charming, good-looking, and relatable, so you wouldn’t think of him as …

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little mermaid quotes Quotes

45 Memorable “Little Mermaid” Quotes: Wisdom from Under the Sea

Ever since the Little Mermaid swam into our lives back in 1989, we haven’t been able to take our eyes off of her. One of …

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quotes about brothers Quotes

35 Loving Quotes About Brothers: It’s Good to Have a Brother

Having a brother means you will always be protected, cherished, and loved. But it also means you’ll get into a lot of loud fights, wrestling …

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batman hero quote Quotes

32 Best Batman Quotes Ever: The Wisdom of the Dark Loner

The Batman hero quote “I’m Batman.” is perhaps the most iconic moment in superhero history. However, the dark loner is quite a wordsmith, and has …

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best hamilton quotes Quotes

38 Best Hamilton Quotes: Wise Words of a Founding Father

Alexander Hamilton was possibly the most vigorous and creative of the Founding Fathers. He loved writing throughout his entire life and merited it for saving …

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quotes about heroes Quotes

33 Inspirational Quotes About Heroes: Do Heroes Wear Capes?

Blockbuster movies will have us believe that to be a hero, you have to wear a bright spandex suit and funny tights. But that couldn’t …

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doc holliday quotes Quotes

37 Iconic Doc Holliday Quotes: The Gambler, The Vagabond, The Gentleman

The life of John Henry “Doc” Holliday was a short but fascinating one. In his 36 years on this earth, Doc had gambled, drank, gotten …

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