how to make yourself cry Inspiration

Let It All Out: How to Make Yourself Cry

Have you ever wondered how to make yourself cry? If you’re anything like me, then you probably need a few days each month to cry …

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lazy quotes Quotes

Lazy Quotes for the Unmotivated: Find That Spark Within You

If you’re anything like me, you know how laziness can hinder your day-to-day activities. Well, you’re in luck today because I’ve found some fantastic lazy …

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fitness motivation quotes Quotes

Fitness Motivation Quotes: How to Get Inspired to Work Out

Whether you are a fitness beginner or a regular at your local gym, at times you probably find it difficult to make yourself work out. …

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quotes about fake smile Quotes

Quotes About Fake Smiles: What Lurks Behind a Grin

People smile at each other all the time. Those smiling faces may be genuine, but they could also be hiding a lie. Therefore, I’ve prepared …

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purpose of life quotes Quotes

Which Path of Life Do You Walk: Purpose of Life Quotes for the Uninspired

In this sometimes ugly world, full of ups and downs, it can be hard to find the beauty and purpose in life. At those times, …

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cognitive skills Inspiration

Cognitive Skills: What They Are and How We Can Boost Them

You’ve probably thought a million times how life would be better if you could learn faster, focus more easily, make better decisions, or solve problems …

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how to stop thinking about something Inspiration

Obsessive Thoughts: How to Stop Thinking About Something

Have you ever found yourself unable to stop thinking about a mistake you’ve made? An ex-boyfriend you can’t get over? Have you ever asked yourself …

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how to stop masturbation Health

How to Stop Masturbation: 5-Step Plan That Actually Works

First and foremost, let’s get one thing straight. Masturbation is completely normal and natural, regardless of what you read on the Internet. But, if you’re …

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how to stop caring Relationships

Your Ex Is Over You: How To Stop Caring In 7 Steps

Getting over someone is not easy, whether it is an ex, a friend, or a relative. Perhaps you were betrayed or deceived, or you simply …

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toxic relationship quotes Quotes

15 Toxic Relationship Quotes to Help You Get out

Does your relationship make you feel drained or insecure? Do you feel your significant other judges, manipulates, and brings you down? If the answer is …

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things to do when you can't sleep Health

Breathe, Sleep, Repeat: 11 Things to Do When You Can’t Sleep

Sleep troubles can stem from a multitude of reasons, and it’s not always easy to shake them off. Even while I was in high school, …

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reason for job change Inspiration

Top 5 Reasons for a Job Change: Burnout and Other Reasons

Each morning, you wake up and immediately regret it. You take a shower, get dressed, try not to curse the brightness of the morning, and …

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recovery quotes Quotes

Top 10 Recovery Quotes That Will Get You Back on Track

Are you going through some hard times in your life? I’m glad you are here because I have created a list of my favorite recovery …

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benefits of waking up early Health

Top 7 Benefits of Waking Up Early: Early Bird Catches the Worm

Never have time for breakfast in the morning? The traffic is always congested, and you barely have time to get to work and make everyone …

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teeth falling out dream Inspiration

What Do Teeth Falling Out in a Dream Mean: Repression, Change, or Something Else?

I can’t count the number of times I’ve woken up in a panic, desperately probing my teeth with my tongue in search of a gap. …

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