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What Goes into a Paraquat Lawsuit?

Paraquat is a dangerous chemical herbicide that has been associated with the development of Parkinson’s Disease. While one would think that the association with Parkinson’s Disease would be enough to get the weed killer pulled from the shelves, it is still widely used in the United States today.

If you’ve been exposed to Paraquat and developed symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease, you’re likely wondering if you qualify for compensation. In this article, we will talk about the controversy surrounding Paraquat, its association with Parkinson’s Disease, and how a skilled lawyer can help you get the most money possible in your Paraquat lawsuit.

Paraquat and Parkinson’s Disease

One of the chemicals found in Paraquat is known as MPTP. This compound is found in heroin, and repeated exposure to MPTP has been associated with the development of Parkinson’s Disease symptoms.

Paraquat is a chemical spray, so it can spread far and wide fairly easily. Therefore, those that work directly with the herbicide can be exposed through direct contact, breathing in the chemicals, or through ingestion. Additionally, those who live near facilities that use Paraquat are at risk for exposure due to two well-documented phenomena known as pesticide drift and overspray.

• Pesticide Drift. When wind moves through an area, it takes many things with it. Aerosols and droplets that are produced through spraying paraquat can be spread through the air. These particles may travel to nearby homes, playgrounds, or anywhere else within a close radius of the facility using Paraquat.

• Overspray. In contrast to pesticide drift, overspray is not a natural phenomenon. Overspray occurs when a worker sprays too much of the herbicide in a given area. This creates an increased hazard of the substance spreading to nearby regions, as the application area is increased.

Why Isn’t Paraquat Banned in the U.S.?

Unfortunately, Paraquat is still widely used in the united states. The product is considered a “restricted use” chemical. This means that those who work directly with Paraquat must undergo a rigorous training program that is approved by the Environmental Protection Agency.

But regardless of how much training those who work with Paraquat undergo and how tightly regulated its use is, the chemical is still leading to Parkinson’s Disease symptoms in those who are exposed to it.

Research on MPTP in Lab Animals

While the correlation between the development of Parkinson’s Disease symptoms and the use of Paraquat as an herbicide is still developing, we can look to lab studies for the relationship between MPTP and Parkinson’s Disease.

Scientists often use MPTP when studying Parkinson’s Disease drugs and treatments because the chemical can create Parkinson’s symptoms so reliably. Granted, these studies have only been performed on lab animals and not on humans, but the link is quite clear.

Paraquat Lawyers

If you’ve developed Parkinson’s Disease symptoms and have been exposed to Paraquat, you may qualify for compensation. While you are not required to have a lawyer represent you in a Paraquat case, having one of these legal professionals guide you in the process will benefit you immensely. Call a qualified Paraquat lawyer today for a consultation.

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