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How to Pick the Perfect Men’s Swimwear: Shorts and Trunks

Hitting the beach or going to a pool party? The best mens swimwear to wear is swimming shorts or trunks. Whether for a chill vibe or showing off, it’s better to wear quality apparel for this activity. Not only is it appropriate, but it’s also for unnecessary wardrobe dysfunctions that normal garments have when worn in the water. 

Determine Your Body Type

Rocking swimming shorts or trunks are what any guy would do when faced with a beach or pool situation. Parading with a toned body, trunks, and fitted shorts are best recommended for flaunting that flawless bod guys worked for. On the contrary, they may opt for regular or baggy-fit shorts that compliment their skin tone if they need to be in shape.

Height Determines Appropriate Length

Not every man has the same body proportions. Some have long legs, some an elongated torso, or maybe a balance of both. Determining which type of swim bottom suits them will help accentuate their assets.

Below are a few types of swimming shorts:

Square Cut Shorts

Perfect for long-legged guys looking to emphasize their toned thighs and calves. Typically worn when being all active. 

Swimming Trunks

Trunks are the best way for athletic men or confident lads looking for comfort. Since it’s less garment, swimming trunks would hardly hinder your swimming speed or dynamic.

Mid-Thigh Length Shorts

The most common swim bottoms to wear. It is neither too showy nor too covered, just the right proportion. As it goes just above the knee, this is perfect to wear with a tank top, a shirt, or nothing on the upper body.

Knee-Length Shorts

These are board shorts that go just knee-level. Find the right size and style to alter the thighs and show the body’s good proportion. Or else, a baggy or too-wide leg can make the wearer seem broader.

Hybrid Swimsuit Shorts

These are multi-use swimming shorts. Suitable for going in the water and doing activities like going out to lunch, boarding a yacht, or laying in the shade on a sunny day by the waters. 

Activities to Do

In looking for the best swimwear, figure out what water activities you’ll be doing. If any water activities like swimming laps in the pool will happen, trunks or square-cut shorts are suitable for that. Meanwhile, other shorts would suffice if a chill day entails hanging out by the beach, lying in the sun loungers, and having mild water activities.

Pay Attention to Patterns and Colors

Know which color works best on the skin tone to get the best swimwear style. A simple rule to follow is bright hues belong to dark-toned complexions, while dark colors should go with pale-colored skin. Do not just pick a plain color for these garments, it could be fun to choose ones with quirky patterns, geometric prints, and other styles. 

Prepare for the Summer!

Good swimwear can make you feel confident in your skin. Knowing what you’re working with would help you land the perfect swim shorts or trunks. Shorter and more exposing bottoms can be recommended for those rocking a summer body. Any normal shorts would be fine.

Determine what kind would accentuate your assets: legs, torso, or a balance of both. Find out what activities will be done and wear the right swim bottoms. That way, you’ll avoid discomfort or anxiousness. It’s fun to play with patterns and colors, but the top priority should be to wear suitable swimwear.

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