plagiarism detection tools

Plagiarism Detection Tools

Plagiarism means copying or stealing someone’s idea and then using it in your own work without giving a reward to the source of information. It is not taken as a good thing anywhere in the academic field or in the marketplace where the web owners upload their informative content.

On the internet, there are a lot of plagiarism detectors or plagiarism test tools that enable the writer to check the plagiarism of his or her content. It is better to suggest you check for plagiarism before uploading your assignment, blog post, or any other information. Here we will discuss the features of a good plagiarism detector and several popular plagiarism tools you can use.

Features of the Reliable Plagiarism Tool

• Millions of webpages – it checks the content all around the millions of web pages.

• Rewrite feature – it will automatically tell the tool to rewrite the phrases to avoid plagiarism issues from the content.

• Percentage form result – it gives the plagiarism result in percentage form. That makes it easy for the user to understand how much percent of the information is plagiarized.

• Highlight sentences – This feature highlights those phrases or sentences which are not pure.

• File formats – it will support all kinds of formats of the files uploaded for plagiarism check. The formats can be like .pdf, .odt, .rtf, .tex, .text, doc, Docx etc.

Suggested Plagiarism Detectors or Testing Tools

1. SearchEngineReports

This plagiarism checker is, no doubt, an extraordinary online tool. It will allow the user to upload a whole file in any of the formats or enter the specific piece of content in the given space by this copyright checker. This free plagiarism checker also welcomes its users to enter the particular URL of the website. Navigate to Plagiarism checker by using the browser and a valid internet connection.

The best and main feature or quality of this similarity checker is that the customer or writer can check the content up to 2000 words at a time as others do not allow this kind of word range. The user can download the search report. It gives sentence-wise consequences of plagiarism.

2. DupliChecker

It is a free of cost online tool serving online to check plagiarism. Yes, it does not look so fancy, but the results are accurate. Let’s discuss its pros:

• 50 copyright scans can be attempted by a user per day.

• Two ways to check plagiarism, one will be to upload the file, and the second one will be the pasting of content directly.

• It’s an easy environment or platform where everybody can check plagiarism even if they have no idea how to use the tool.

The only one disadvantage is that a non-register user can scan only one report or file for plagiarism check in a day.

3. Copy Leaks

This tool is really an authenticating tool that provides an easier or user-friendly environment to its customers. Let’s talk about the pros of using it:

• It is suitable for business and education institutes.
• Multiple languages and formats are supported by this tool.
• A variety of tools are given by this special tool.

The cons are written as that a user will be able to attempt a scan check just after logging in to the account. The second most important con is to be discussed that only the first 10 pages will be checked for free.

4. Paper Rater

This tool is a totally free and multi-purpose tool. It is being used in 140 different countries all over the world. Let’s talk about the pros of using this efficient tool:

• 3 in 1 feature – it means that a user using this tool can check his or her content for grammar mistakes, proofreading, and check plagiarism too.

• This tool is developed by experts or professionals.

• It does not let its customers wait even for seconds. This tool works speedily and provides the results in a matter of seconds.

The only con is that a user is not able to save plagiarism reports as other tools provide this feature too.

5. Plagiarisma

This plagiarism detector is a basic tool with multiple purposes. All kinds of writers can use it like teachers, professors, students, bloggers, or web administrators also. The cons of using this tool are given below:

• More than 190 languages are supported by this significant tool.
• Copyright issues can be solved or tested by entering a particular URL of the website.
• The file uploading feature is also available.
• Google Chrome and Firefox extensions are supported.

The only disadvantage of using this tool is that there is a limited range of checks in a day. You will have to look for another tool if you want more than one check per day.


This checker gives a user-friendly interface to its customers. It checks the similarity issues for free. It does not ask for any charges from its users. Let’s discuss its pros:

• It gives details about the results.
• It is totally online.

The only single con is recorded and reported as the Google and Yahoo browsers are supported by this tool.

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