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Planning Your Engagement? 5 Essentials To Take Care of!

The sparkling ring on your finger says a lot about your emotion and your partner. Everyone wants their day of engagement to be special. You might have already proposed to your partner to get married but when it comes to celebrating the moment you would need to work hard to make that day more special. There are a lot of preparations that you would need to do right from the engagement rings to the venue along with good food.

Hiring a service to providers who can take all this responsibility of the arrangement would always save your time but you would also need to pay attention to a few things for that special day. Here is the list of a few things that you should take care of while planning your engagement.

1. Getting the Engagement Rings

The first that comes to your mind while thinking of an engagement is the rings. Choosing the rings is the most important step in this preparation. It is generally carried out by couples together. Here the selection of the rings needs to be done carefully as they would be worn by couples for a lifetime. It is important to choose the right design specially for men since if he does not like then he might not wear it for a longer time.

If you believe in simplicity then try to stay away from extravagant designs. In the case of a bride ring, you can play around with an eye-catching fashionable design. You can also choose a couple of bands where you both will get rings with the same simple design.

2. Getting the Engagement Gifts

Since you will be throwing a party to celebrate your special day you would not want your guests to leave empty-handed. Hence make sure to hand out special gifts to them to remember this special day of yours.

There are many options available to choose from as per your budget. You can choose from the mirror, vanity case, jewelry chest, pouches, colognes, coffee bean jars, etc. You can decide the gift depending upon your budget and the theme of your party. You can also get the customized gift items by getting your names carved on them.

3. Planning for Engagement Treats

How can you forget about treats when talking about the party? You can decide on the menu depending upon your choice and the theme of the party. If you are throwing a party at home then you can prepare your menu or else if planning at a hotel or a banquet hall then make sure to check their respective menus to decide the menu of your day.

If you are planning to host the party at the hotel or a restaurant then make sure to check their kitchen area and hygiene methods. You can also taste the food if needed. If you are planning to arrange it at home then you can arrange a buffet method to serve food to people. You can include appetizers, rolls, desserts, and the main course on the menu.

4. Getting the Engagement Dress

Here comes another important aspect that you would need to focus on especially for brides. Here we are talking about an engagement dress for the bride. You would find thousands of varieties in it. You can either choose the simple or the most exaggerated one depending upon your choice.

If you are throwing a party at home then make sure to choose a simple dress and if you are planning to host it at a hotel or a banquet hall then you can wear the flashier one. You can choose the length of the dress depending upon the venue and make sure to get the proper makeup done which would compliment the dress.

5. Choosing the Engagement candies

Apart from the delicious treat, you can also pamper your guests with sweet candies at your engagement. You can choose from the wide range or you can also get it made as per your instructions and the theme of the party. You can even get your name designed on those candies. A simple chocolate bar with your names on it will make the evening special.

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