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160 Pokémon Trivia Questions to Test Your Mastery

Do you consider yourself a Pokémon fan, or know someone who is? This set of Pokémon trivia questions can put your knowledge to the test! From TV series to games, our long list of Pokémon trivia questions is perfect for having fun while revisiting the world of Pokémon with your friends.

160 Pokémon Trivia Questions


1. How many years did it take Ash to become Pokémon League Champion?
2. What was the name of the first Pokémon ever designed?
3. What type of Pokémon is Pikachu?
4. Team Rocket is found in which region?
5. Which Pokémon is #1 in the Pokédex?
6. What was the name of the first Pokémon caught by Ash?
7. Ivysaur evolves into which Pokémon?
8. Who are the trainers in Team Rocket?
9. Caterpie is what type of Pokémon?
10. A Moon Stone turns Jigglypuff into what?
11. Who does Charmander evolve into?
12. What is the English motto of Pokémon?
13. Who was Ash’s starter Pokémon?
14. Clefairy is what type of Pokémon?
15. What Pokémon evolves into Arbok?
16. Who has a Psyduck that’s a real nuisance?
17. Who is a specialist Rock-type trainer?
18. What does Spearow evolve into?
19. How many contest conditions are there in Pokémon Contests?
20. Acid Armour is a move from which type of Pokémon?
21. How many original Pokémon were there?
22. What is the name of the first Pokémon film?
23. Which first generation Pokémon evolves into Dugtrio?
24. Who is Ash’s first rival in the Pokémon anime?
25. What type of Pokémon is weakest against grass?
26. How many different Pokémon can Eevee evolve into?
27. Totodile evolves into what?
28. Pokémon is short for what?
29. What were the legendary Pokémon named in Pokémon Gold & Silver?
30. How many badges does Ash need to enter the Pokémon league?
31. What is the largest Pokémon ever discovered?
32. The leader of Team Galactic is…?
33. What is Pikachu’s signature move?
34. Who was the first person Ash met on his journey?
35. If you need to revive your Pokémon, where do you go?
36. What color is the “R” on Team Rocket’s costume?
37. What number is Pikachu in the Pokédex?
38. What type of Pokémon is Drowzee?
39. What are the three types of starter Pokémon?
40. Which console were the first Pokémon games for?
41. Which colored orbs summon super-ancient Pokémon?
42. Vulpix is what type of Pokémon?
43. What does Taillow evolve into?
44. What Pokémon transforms to become a copy of its opponent?
45. What type of attacks are flying Pokémon immune to?
46. What is the name of Misty’s bike?
47. Which legendary sea monster inspired the creation and design of Gyarados?
48. Which of Brock’s brothers runs the Pewter City gym?
49. What type of Pokémon is Happiny?
50. What town does Ash start his journey in?
51. Zubat evolves into what?
52. What does Misty want to be when she grows up?
53. What Pokémon does a Kakuna evolve into?
54. Espeon is what type of Pokémon?
55. What Pokémon is 0151 in the Kanto Pokédex?
56. What is the name of the main members of a villainous team?
57. What Pokémon does Oddish evolve into?
58. Which Pokémon type is Pikachu strongest against?
59. Complete this quote from the original Pokémon show: “Team Rocket are…”
60. What Pokémon is ranked highest in terms of strength?
61. What does Gyarados evolve from?
62. Which type of Pokémon fares best when facing an Electabuzz in battle?
63. What is Haunter’s ability?
64. What type of Pokémon is Mankey?
65. Which member of Team Rocket acts as their translator?
66. What does the Pokémon that wins a Toughness Contest receive?
67. What is Scizor’s pre-evolved form?
68. Which new team first appeared in Generation IV as a villain?
69. What does Squirtle evolve into?
70. What type of Pokémon is Venonat?
71. What is the name of Ash’s mother?
72. What move allows a Pokémon to attack even while it’s asleep?
73. What is Professor Burnet’s hair color?
74. Which part of the Pokémon franchise came first: game, TV show, movie, or cards?
75. What does Pikachu evolve to?
76. What generation Pokémon is Blastoise?
77. What is the color of Ash’s hat?
78. What is the name of Gary’s sister?
79. Who is the Gym Leader of Pewter City?
80. What generation of Pokémon are we currently in (Nintendo Switch release as of 2022)?
81. What type of Pokémon is Golem?
82. When was the first Pokémon game released?
83. What kind of move is an Arm Thrust?
84. What is the most common Pokémon type?
85. The Team Galactic jumpsuits are what color?
86. Who is the Gym Leader of Celadon City?
87. What does Cutiefly evolve into?
88. What type of move is The Confuse Ray?
89. What is Professor Oak’s first name?
90. Which Pokémon type can best beat Lorelei?
91. What object is Hypno always holding?
92. Togepi is a fairy from what generation?
93. What does Snivy evolve into?
94. What is the name of Brock’s first rock Pokémon, gifted by his dad?
95. Who is the leader of Team Rocket?
96. What does Sandshrew evolve into?
97. What type of Pokémon is Gengar?
98. What Pokémon does Bulbasaur evolve into?
99. Who is Team Magma’s leader?
100. Professor Elm comes from which region?
101. What Pokémon can be resurrected from the Helix Fossil?
102. Which Pokémon type is immune against poison-type moves?
103. Which Pokémon type uses the “Body Slam” move?
104. What vegetable does Farfetch’d carry?
105. What weather condition can a Kyogre summon upon entering a battle?
106. What stone is used to evolve Gloom into Vileplume?
107. What type of Pokémon is Jirachi?
108. What does the move “Thunder Wave” do?
109. Pidgey evolves into what Pokémon?
110. What is Ash’s age at the beginning of the first Pokémon series?
111. What is Larvitar’s fully evolved form?
112. How many forms does Vivillon have?
113. What will an Eevee evolve into when exposed to a Thunder Stone?
114. Zigzagoon evolves into what?
115. Who is the god of all Pokémon?
116. Which type of Pokémon uses the “Ancient Power” move?
117. How many Mega Evolutions does Charizard have?
118. What type of Pokémon is Wobbuffet?
119. What does the move “Belly Drum” do?
120. How many members are in the Squirtle Squad?
121. Which Pokémon was created by gene-splicing DNA experiments?
122. What is the rarest and most expensive Pokémon card?
123. Who worked with Gary at the Sayda Lab?
124. How old was Brock when he first met Ash?
125. What is Gyarados’ best attack?
126. What is the #001 in the Pokédex in the Johto region?
127. Which Pokéball is the best (most effective) of all?
128. What does Gastly evolve into?
129. What is the evolved form of Meowth?
130. What is Piplup’s final evolution?
131. What are the typical colors of a Pokéball?
132. What is the only Pokémon that can devolve?
133. Which Pokémon is known to have a headache at all times?
134. What country was Pokémon created in?
135. What color is Poliwag?
136. What does a Charmander have on its tail?
137. Which Pokémon is referred to as the “Mascot of Pokémon”?
138. Which Pokémon is referred to as the “Guardian of the Seas”?
139. Alakazam is the fully evolved form of which Pokémon?
140. Fire type Pokémons are weakest against what type?
141. What was the first ever Pokémon game?
142. What Gen I Pokémon doesn’t have eyes?
143. How many candies are needed to evolve a Magikarp into Gyarados in Pokémon Go?
144. In Pokémon lore, what Pokémon is known to be the “Original One?”
145. What is Squirtle’s final evolution?
146. What is Ralts’ final evolution?
147. How many types of Pokéballs are there?
148. What is Ash’s surname?
149. What is Growlithe’s final evolution?
150. What is Magikarp’s most prominent move?
151. Which gaming company publishes the Pokémon video games?
152. What type of Pokémon is resistant to Electric, Poison, and Bug moves?
153. What’s the difference between a male and a female Pikachu?
154. What is the title of the first Pokémon movie released in 1998?
155. Which type of Pokémon is vulnerable to both Electric and Rock moves?
156. The Pokémon Hitmonlee is named after which famous martial artist?
157. Which Pokémon is able to control time?
158. Which Pokémon evolves into Butterfree when leveled up?
159. Which type of attacks are effective against Squirtle?
160. Which type of Pokémon is immune to Psychic moves?



1. 25
2. Rhydon
3. Electric
4. Kanto
5. Bulbasaur
6. Caterpie
7. Venusaur
8. James and Jessie
9. Bug
10. Wigglytuff
11. Charmeleon
12. Gotta Catch ‘Em All!
13. Pikachu
14. Fairy
15. Ekans
16. Misty
17. Brock
18. Fearow
19. 5
20. Poison
21. 151
22. Pokémon: The First Film
23. Diglett
24. Gary Oak
25. Bug
26. 8
27. Croconaw
28. Pocket Monsters
29. Ho-oh, Lugia, Raikou, Entei, and Suicune
30. 8
31. Wailord
32. Cyrus
33. Volt Tackle
34. Professor Oak
35. Pokémon Center
36. Red
37. 25
38. Psychic
39. Grass, Fire, and Water
40. Game Boy
41. Blue Orb, Jade Orb, Red Orb
42. Fire
43. Swellow
44. Ditto
45. Ground
46. Bicyclone
47. Kraken
48. Forrest
49. Normal
50. Pallet Town
51. Golbat
52. Gym leader
53. Beedrill
54. Psychic
55. Mew
56. Grunts
57. Gloom
58. Water
59. “Blasting off again!”
60. Arceus
61. Magikarp
62. Earthquake
63. Levitate
64. Fighting
65. Meowth
66. Ribbon
67. Scyther
68. Galactic
69. Wartortle
70. Bug/Poison
71. Delia
72. Sleep Talk
73. White
74. Games
75. Raichu
76. 1st
77. Red
78. May
79. Lt. Surge
80. 9th
81. Rock
82. 1996
83. Fighting
84. Psychic
85. Black and white
86. Erika
87. Ribombee
88. Ghost
89. Samuel
90. Grass or Electric
91. Pendulum
92. 2nd
93. Servine
94. Onix
95. Giovanni
96. Sandslash
97. Ghost
98. Ivysaur
99. Maxie
100. Johto
101. Omanyte
102. Steel
103. Normal
104. A leek
105. Rain
106. Leaf
107. Steel and Psychic
108. Paralyzes the opponent
109. Pidgeotto
110. 10
111. Tyranitar
112. 20
113. Jolteon
114. Linoone
115. Arceus
116. Rock
117. 2
118. Psychic
119. Reduces user’s HP in half and maximizes their Attack stat
120. 5
121. Mewtwo
122. Pikachu Illustrator
123. Dora
124. 15
125. Hydro Pump
126. Chikorita
127. Master ball
128. Haunter
129. Persian
130. Empoleon
131. Black, white, and red
132. Slowbro
133. Psyduck
134. Japan
135. Blue
136. A flame
137. Pikachu
138. Lugia
139. Abra
140. Water
141. Green and Red
142. Zubat
143. 400
144. Arceus
145. Blastoise
146. Gardevoir
147. 28
148. Ketchum
149. Arcanine
150. Splash
151. Nintendo
152. Ground
153. The shape of the tail
154. Pokémon: The First Movie – Mewtwo Strikes Back
155. Flying
156. Bruce Lee
157. Dialga
158. Metapod
159. Thunderbolt
160. Dark type Pokémon.

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