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The Most Popular Types of Bingo

Bingo has been around for a long time. Historians have traced the origins of the game back to the 1530 Italian Lottery called Lo Giuoco del Lotto D’Italia, which is still popular in Italy today. Bingo spread to the UK as a lottery in the 18th century but didn’t reach its peak popularity until the 1960s, whereas the 1920s marked bingo’s arrival in North America.

If you’re not an avid bingo player, you may not know that bingo isn’t a single game. Instead, there are several bingo varieties, each with a unique twist on the original rules. If you’re interested in diving into the world of bingo, here are some of the most popular versions to try.

90 Ball Bingo

If you’ve ever played bingo, you’ve most likely played the traditional 90 ball game variety. This version of bingo is famous around the world, with people playing it in bingo halls or at game nights with friends. 90 ball bingo has become popular among online bingo players in recent years, giving people the opportunity to compete against bingo players worldwide. These games often feature progressive jackpots where players win if they call bingo within 45 balls or less.

75 Ball Bingo

75 Ball Bingo was initially played at carnivals in the US after its introduction by Hugh J. Ward, who wrote the game’s first rulebook in 1933. New Yorkers began playing the game a few years later when toy merchandisers Edwin Lowe brought it to the state.

While 90 Ball Bingo is the most popular version of the game in the UK, Americans prefer the 75 Ball Bingo version. As the name suggests, 75 Ball Bingo uses 75 balls instead of the traditional 90 balls. You play the game using a 5×5 grid card with 24 numbers and 25 squares. The middle square is usually left blank. If you’re the first person to complete an entire row (up or down, horizontally or diagonally), you win.

30 Ball Bingo aka Speed Bingo

If you’re pressed for time, 30 Ball Bingo is the game for you. It only uses 30 balls, and players use a bingo card with only nine numbers on a 3×3 grid. Unlike 75 and 90 ball bingo, every square has a number, whereas the middle square is left blank. Since this game is so fast, you could win more than one game in an hour.

Swedish Bingo

The Swedish version of bingo is also known as five-line bingo. You play it on the familiar 5×5 grid card; however, the middle square isn’t blank in this version of the game. In order to win Swedish Bingo, the middle square has to be filled, making it harder to win than standard bingo.

You have more chances to win Swedish Bingo than other versions of the game. It’s a fast-paced activity, and there are often multiple winners in the same game. Swedish Bingo is a great choice for players who love the excitement of waiting for a number to complete a line or a full house.

Flash Fives

Just as you can play your favorite arcade games online, Flash Fives is one of the most popular versions of bingo for online gameplay. A relatively new entrant on the bingo scene, flash five bingo is a 52-ball bingo game played with playing cards instead of numbers.

This game brings together the best elements of bingo and poker to create a fun and immersive game. A standard deck of 52 playing cards replaces numbered balls in Flash Fives, with lines of cards replacing numbers on the classic 5×5 bingo card. Like traditional bingo, players place chips on top of the cards as they’re called out.

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