68 Positive Affirmations for Anxiety That Will Stop Any Panic Attack

Positive affirmations for anxiety help me take back the reins of my own mind. I’m no stranger to panic attacks, anxiety, depression, and the overall stress of modern living. But because I’m so intimately familiar with them, I also know the best ways to deal with them.

An affirmation is a statement you need to tell yourself repeatedly in order to change your thought patterns, consequently changing your behavior. Most individuals repeat positive affirmations either by reading quotes or by using phrases in their own voice. Some can be used along with chosen oils, crystals like black tourmaline from Tiny Rituals, or other things that can evoke positive feelings and help you relax.

Positive affirmations might seem silly to some people, but when your mind is trapped in the clutches of debilitating panic and negative thoughts, you really need that positive beacon of hope, self-esteem, and zeal to avoid going down the rabbit hole of anxiety.

Positive statements have a profound impact on the way that you view and feel about yourself. The more you tell yourself that you’re happy, successful, and capable, the more you’ll be able to experience those things.

Positive affirmations have several benefits because they work so well. The most obvious is that they create the belief and mental association leading to more self-confidence, allowing you to live a life filled with success and happiness. Through these affirmations, you can eventually dispel negative thoughts and replace them with more positive, goal-oriented ones like having better health, better finances, the freedom to do what you want, or whatever it is your heart truly desires.

The truth is that a person’s thoughts and words create a tremendous effect in your life. When you learn how to bring those thoughts into play, you’ll quickly find yourself seeing things in a whole new light. Positive affirmations will take over your thoughts and bring you to a place of happiness and joy.

Once you’ve learned how to use these affirmations, they will become second nature to you.

Alas, not all positive affirmations work for everyone. But I found that these 68 work best for me. Hopefully, they’ll help you out when you’re in a pinch as well. Try them out!

68 Best Positive Affirmations for Anxiety That Will Get You Into the Right State of Mind

Positive Affirmations for Anxiety, Stress, and Depression

#1. “I breathe in relaxation, I breathe out tension.”

#2. “My breathing is calm and even, and my heart rate is normal.”

#3. “Life is simple, easy, and effortless. So it is my anxiety that makes it seem different.”

#4. “My anxiety is a part of me, but it doesn’t define me.”

#5. “Anxiety makes me feel uncomfortable. But I am in charge of my mind and body.”

#6. “I have the ability to overcome anxiety. So I just need to try harder.”

#7. “Anxiety isn’t dangerous. I’m just uncomfortable. I’ll make it through this.”

#8. “I’ve survived this before; I’ll survive it again.”

#9. “My thoughts don’t control me; I control them.”

#10. “The only approval I’ll ever need is my own. I love my body and all that it does for me.”

#11. “My courage is greater and stronger than my anxiety.”

#12. “My anxiety isn’t my fault, but it is my responsibility, and I have to actively fight it.”

#13. “My view on life is positive, and I express it in all circumstances.”

Positive Affirmations for Anxiety That Will Ease Your Worried Mind

#14. “I am ridding my mind of negative thoughts and filling it with positive ones.”

#15. “Who I am and what I do matters.”

#16. “I am free of anything that weighs me down.”

#17. “The feelings of panic are leaving my body.”

#18. “The picture in my head isn’t healthy. That’s just me being negative.”

#19. “My life is happy, and I have everything I need to be calm and content.”

#20. “I’m strong, and I can persevere.”

#21. “My contributions matter.”

#22. “My mind and body are strong enough to move beyond anxiety and conquer it.”

#23. “Today, I will focus on progress, not perfection.”

#24. “Rather than anxiety, I choose curiosity on my journey back to joy.”

#25. “I recognize anxiety for what it is, and I choose to be free of worry. This is my preference. And that’s all that matters.”

#26. “I cultivate life-affirming tools to harness my energy and re-focus on my joy.”

Positive Affirmations for Anxiety That Will Make You Calm and Collected

#27. “I am free of anxiety and am living a calm life.”

#28. “Every cell in my body is relaxed and oozes calmness.”

#29. “Life is beautiful and calm.”

#30. “There is an endless pool of peace, harmony, and calmness around me. So I am completely relaxed, calm, and safe at this moment.”

#31. “I am calmer and calmer with each deep breath I take.”

#32. “My mind is clearing, and I am in control.”

#33. “I am an overcomer.”

#34. “It’s OK to take things one step at a time.”

#35. “I enjoy my feelings of inner calm.”

#36. “This feeling is only temporary.”

#37. “Each exhale I make calms my nerves and brings ease to my body and mind.”

#38. “I breathe in calm and breathe out peace. I breathe in calm and breathe out love. Finally, I breathe in calm and breathe out joy.”

#39. “Curiosity is the natural antidote for anxiety. So I choose to remain curious.”

#40. “When I breathe, I inhale confidence and exhale timidity.”

#41. “Nothing stands in my way of feeling calm and at peace.”

Positive Affirmations for Anxiety and Stress Relief

#42. “I am capable of solving any problems that face me.”

#43. “I’m going to focus on things I love to get me through this.”

#44. “What I cannot change, I embrace.”

#45. “I am confident about solving life’s problems successfully.”

#46. “There is nothing to be afraid of. Even if I fail, at least I tried. I was brave.”

#47. “I transcend stress of any kind.”

#48. “My challenges are my opportunities.”

#49. “I’m actively taking steps to reduce my anxiety.”

#50. “Living in a state of curiosity and child-like wonder brings me peace of mind.”

#51. “Steadiness and ease are my natural states.”

#52. “I won’t let my fears determine my life path. I’m in charge of my destiny.”

#53. “Everything in my life is happening perfectly.”

#54. “Managing stress and anxiety comes naturally to me.”

#55. “If the stress and anxiety get overwhelming, I’ll take things one day at a time. If that gets too much, then I’ll take them one hour at a time.”

#56. “I’m letting go of my stress, and I feel it melting away and leaving my body.”

Positive Affirmations for Anxiety That Will Boost Your Self-Esteem

#57. “I am fierce. I am unafraid. I am bold.”

#58. “My confidence is what drives me the most.”

#59. “I will achieve great things through small steps.”

#60. “If I can change my thoughts, I can change anything.”

#61. “I will not let my anxious thoughts have power over me.”

#62. “My life works for me, and I am in harmony with it.”

#63. “I deserve to be happy even if I’m not perfect.”

#64. “Rather than feeling anxious, I focus my compass on my life vision and take action steps toward manifesting my dreams.”

#65. “I have the confidence to do anything I set my mind to.”

#66. “Every day, I am becoming more and more confident.”

#67. “Nothing will stand in my way of accomplishing my goals. Not even my anxiety.”

#68. “My mind is strong and disciplined. It will conquer my anxiety.”

To Conclude

So, positive affirmations can help you shift your way of thinking — from negative to positive. But trust me when I say that I know how difficult shaking off negative thinking can be. And that’s why I’m leaving you with this last piece of advice — flood your mind with positive thinking. If necessary, you can also try counseling from BetterHelp.

Saying some of these sentences out loud will seem silly at first. I’m fully aware of that. However, don’t doubt the power of positive affirmations for anxiety. Disrupting the negative thought pattern will prove beneficial (even if it seems pointless at first).

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