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What Are The Most Common Psychological Causes Of ED?

Many men suffer from ED. Sometimes the problem resolves itself and other times it persists. Most men periodically experience difficulty reaching or maintaining an erection. Often the decrease in performance is related to performance anxiety.

Usually, this can be solved using simple methods that lower the tension and improve the atmosphere, such as sensual massage which is a cure for many things. The vast majority of cases are not caused by chronic medical problems. Taking supplements and medicines to improve your sexual health is a good place to start. Many men have used Tadalafil. Other men try Viagra.

However, it isn’t always a physical issue, sometimes it can be linked to a psychological element. So, to what extent are the psychological causes responsible for the decrease in sexual function? Psychological factors are responsible for 10%-20% of all cases of erectile dysfunction, or ED. Often it is a secondary response to a fundamental physical factor.

Depression & Anxiety

Depression and anxiety are common problems that affect millions of us. However, it can be a direct contribution to your ED. Mental health issues have a physical impact. A healthy mind and a healthy body are inextricably linked. It may be that your depression is holding you back emotionally from connecting to your partner. It may be that your anxiety and/or depression is making you feel inadequate and therefore stimulating the part of the brain that deals with failure.

You may have been withdrawn from other areas of life, such as socializing or loss of appetite, therefore the sexual urge may also be damaged. There are ways to deal with this, by addressing the source of your depression and treating it from its core. Sex itself can release endorphins, so you are trapped in a vicious cycle if you’re finding it difficult to get or maintain an erection. 

Fatigue disturbed eating and sleeping patterns are all signs that may indicate depression. One of the lesser-known or discussed symptoms of depression is erectile dysfunction or other impotence-related problems. It may even be the case that depression and erectile dysfunction reinforce each other and a vicious circle arises.

Anxiety may be linked to worry over not being able to maintain an erection or you may be anxious because you are concerned about why you can’t get an erection. This spirals out of control and becomes a vicious circle. 


Psychological causes of ED do not always have anything to do with the sex itself. Sometimes problems at work, financial difficulties, or other stressful situations can have a significant effect on your sexual well-being. Experts suspect that activity in less essential parts of the brain, including the part responsible for sexual arousal, shows less activity in stressful times.

Another simpler explanation is that someone who is stressed is probably more likely to be distracted. When the brain experiences stress, it will be harder to focus on sexual intercourse. Stresses at work may dominate your mind and therefore you may find it difficult to turn yourself off. You may feel pressured by people in your life and therefore sexual urges may decrease. If you are under stress, you are probably feeling as if you have nowhere to turn. Speak to your partner. Get to the root of the problem, whether that is at work or a problem at home. 

Performance pressure or fear of failure

Fear of failure often occurs at the beginning of a relationship when you want to make a good impression on your new partner. Often erectile dysfunction in this situation passes by itself when the partners become more accustomed to each other. However, it may also be the case that the fear of failure does not pass by itself and you continue to have impotence symptoms.

The longer you wait, the bigger the obstacle becomes. Sometimes a simple conversation with your partner already helps to relieve the tension. If this does not work or is difficult, you can always go to the doctor for more advice. The important thing to do is to regain self-confidence within a short time and therefore reduce or solve your ED problems.

Substance abuse

Certain medications can affect your erection. As can substance abuse and cigarettes. These are tied to a psychological reason. Are you abusing substances because you are feeling stressed or depressed? If so, you must reach within yourself to get the help you need. By changing your lifestyle, you can certainly overcome the problems caused by ED and move forward.

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