33 Quotes About Tea: A Drink Made for Royalty

quotes about tea
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Quotes about tea are as restorative as a cup of tea itself. Now, you might ask how that’s possible. Well, a good quote that reminds me of this delightful beverage is almost as good as feeling that hot liquid burst on my tongue and warm my insides.

What’s more, I honestly can’t even imagine starting my morning without a strong cup of tea. You might think, “Tea? What about coffee, you crazy person?”

Listen, coffee is great. However, it’s nothing more than a pick-me-up. Tea is a ritual. In fact, it’s almost a work of art. Even if you make your cup of tea quickly, you’re still partaking in an ancient ritual.

So, yes, I am an avid tea drinker who enjoys this particular beverage for all its worth. Hopefully, you’re a tea lover like I am. And, if not, then these quotes about tea just might change your mind.

33 Best Quotes About Tea That Will Have You Reaching for Your Cup

Most Famous Quotes About Tea

1. “You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.” ― C.S. Lewis

2. “I say let the world go to hell, but I should always have my tea.” ― Fyodor Dostoevsky

3. “A simple cup of tea is far from a simple matter.” ― Mary Lou Heiss

4. “There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea.” ― Henry James

5. “If leeches ate peaches instead of my blood, then I would be free to drink tea in the mud!” ― Emilie Autumn

6. “Tea… is a religion of the art of life.” ― Kakuzō Okakura

7. “While there is tea, there is hope.” ― Arthur Wing Pinero

8. “But indeed I would rather have nothing but tea.” ― Jane Austen

9. “Ecstasy is a glass full of tea and a piece of sugar in the mouth. ― Alexander Pushkin

10. “The effect of tea is cooling and as a beverage, it is most suitable. It is especially fitting for persons of self-restraint and inner worth.” ― Lu Yu

Quotes About Tea That Highlight Its Importance

11. “I’d always considered tea a relatively simple beverage. The British, of course, could not disagree more. An individual’s particular tea preference is a lifelong commitment. What’s more, sharp lines are drawn. ‘How do you take your tea?’ is perhaps the most loaded question in the British language.” ― Jessica Pan

12. “There is something in the nature of tea that leads us into a world of quiet contemplation of life.” ― Lin Yutang

13. “The proper, wise balancing of one’s whole life may depend upon the feasibility of a cup of tea at an unusual hour.” ― Arnold Bennett

14. “My dear, if you could give me a cup of tea to clear my muddle of a head I should better understand your affairs.” ― Charles Dickens

15. “Tea is the elixir of life.” ― Eisai

16. “Tea’s proper use is to amuse the idle, and relax the studious, and dilute the full meals of those who cannot use exercise, and will not use abstinence.” ― Samuel Johnson

17. “Tea is one of the mainstays of civilization in this country.” ― George Orwell

18. “When you have nobody you can make a cup of tea for, when nobody needs you, that’s when I think life is over.” ― Audrey Hepburn

Quotes About Tea That Tell You Everything You Need to Know About Tea Drinkers

19. “There are those who love to get dirty and fix things. They drink coffee at dawn, beer after work. And those who stay clean, just appreciate things. At breakfast, they have milk and juice at night. There are those who do both, they drink tea.” ― Gary Snyder

20. “Tea is the magic key to the vault where my brain is kept.” ― Frances Hardinge

21. “Who would then deny that when I am sipping tea in my tearoom I am swallowing the whole universe with it and that this very moment of my lifting the bowl to my lips is eternity itself transcending time and space?” ― Daisetsu Teitaro Suzuki

22. “Making tea is a ritual that stops the world from falling in on you.” ― Jonathan Stroud

23. “Tea should be taken in solitude.” ― C.S. Lewis

24. “Tea! Thou soft, thou sober, sage and venerable liquid to whose glorious insipidity, I owe the happiest moments of my life, let me fall prostrate.” ― Colley Cibber

25. “Sharing tea with a fascinating stranger is one of life’s true delights.” ― Uncle Iroh, Avatar: The Last Airbender

26. “Tea is more than an idealization of the form of drinking, it is a religion of the art of life.” ― Kakuzō Okakura

27. “Making a cup of tea for someone can be a way of saying, ‘I care about you. Have this hot bland liquid that I made for you just the way you like it.’ So, if you’ve had an argument with a roommate, offer to make them a cup of tea — if they accept, everything is okay now. Furthermore, this is also a great way to apologize without directly addressing the issue, which is the most British thing you could be doing anyway.” ― Jessica Pan

Funniest Quotes About Tea That Will Leave You With a Smile on Your Face

28. “Honestly, if you’re given the choice between Armageddon or tea, you don’t say ‘what kind of tea?’” ― Neil Gaiman

29. “A man who wishes to make his way in life could do no better than go through the world with a boiling tea-kettle in his hand.” ― Sydney Smith

30. “Tea is always an excuse for a clandestine agenda.” ― Cassandra Clare

31. “Tea — was there ever a more universal and life-sustaining beverage?” ― Ray Mears

32. “Make tea, not war.” ― Monty Python

33. “Tea, though ridiculed by those who are naturally coarse in their nervous sensibilities will always be the favorite beverage of the intellectual.” ― Thomas de Quincey

To Conclude

Loving tea and drinking it every day is a part of who I am. It might be silly, but I almost identify as a tea drinker. So if someone asks what I’d like to drink, I always answer with, “Tea, of course” because it should be a given by now.

These quotes about tea always make my day at least a bit brighter because I see that there are many people like me out there in the world. They share my passion and love, and, if we ever met, in this life or the next, we’d have at least one topic to discuss. So that’s comforting. Hopefully, these quotes can do something similar to you as well!

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