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Ranch-Inspired Interior Design Trends For Your Home

Ranch land properties have withstood the test of time. According to a recent trend report, ranch-style homes have remained popular across all generations. While the thought of a ranch home may elicit visions of horses and cowboys, it goes a lot deeper than that. These homes are coveted mainly for their versatile nature. Ranch homes can be modern, suburban, classic, split-level, and more.

In general, ranch-style homes are one-story and feature sprawling open-floor plans. With all this flexibility, many homeowners draw inspiration from the ranch-style. Here are some ranch-inspired interior design trends perfect for American homes.

Emphasize an Open-Floor Plan

Some people fall in love with ranch-style living and simply decide to move to a state like Texas. Those who decide to take this step usually want to settle in a place like Llano County and seek out local land for sale. But for homeowners who want to stay put, embracing an open floor plan is ideal. It’s what embodies the classic feel of ranch land properties. Their living spaces have a light, and airy feel due to the use of open space.

Using rugs can help to separate rooms without using walls. An open floor plan can have multi-purpose areas without walls or rooms. The correct use of furniture can provide a seamless flow between these areas. For example, the living room can flow into the dining area by using open space and a rug dividing the two. This technique can help homeowners get the most out of their interior living spaces.

Incorporate the Outdoors

Ranch-style homes serve to create a balance between indoor and outdoor living. After all, the idea of a ranch involves heavy use of outdoor space to contain horses and other animals. Therefore, any ranch-inspired home needs some outdoor love. A good technique is to treat the backyard like any other room in the house. That includes comfortable furniture, lighting, and a heavy dose of personality. An example would be a paved outdoor living room with seating, tables, a projector, and mood lighting.

Use Neutral Colors

Light neutral colors are a hallmark of the ranch-style home. That goes beyond plain old white. Instead, the color options are nearly limitless. Acceptable colors include many shades of beige, light grays, and neutral blues. For homes with an open-concept layout, the use of color can help define different areas. If the living area is beige and the dining area is gray, your mind will recognize them as two unique rooms. That’s a valuable technique for defining each area without needing walls.

It’s clear from the data that the classic ranch-style home isn’t going anywhere. They remain popular due to their flexible nature, timeless appeal, and clever use of the outdoors. Even for homeowners not in ranch homes, adding aspects of the style can help them get more out of their space.

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