How To Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages On Android Without Backup?

recover whatsapp messages
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Did you mistakenly delete your WhatsApp messages just before you could get your backup done? Are you in search of a solution on how to restore the WhatsApp messages you deleted? Be it for both Android and iOS users this article will serve as a guidance on how to recover deleted WhatsApp messages without having done a backup.

The loss of WhatsApp messages on a smartphone is not an uncommon problem. Restoring backups should be the first way to get them back when WhatsApp messages are erased on your computer. Many individuals, however, may not be in the habit of backing up their computers.

Often, even though you make backups, the WhatsApp messages you think you saved might actually not be saved in these backups. A significant number of Android and iOS users have posed the same question in instances like above: how to restore deleted WhatsApp messages without backup? Since so many users of smartphones are stuck on this issue, we would like to share with you in this article the best way to recover deleted WhatsApp messages without a backup for both Android and iPhone users.

Even if you haven’t backed up your texts, you will restore deleted messages from WhatsApp. But for this, you can use a third-party program that will bring back WhatsApp messages that have been deleted.

What Are Ways to Recover WhatsApp Messages?

As impossible as deleted WhatsApp message recovery might seem, you’ll definitely have them back. We did intense research and we gathered a few working methods on how to recover deleted data from WhatsApp in this post.

We’ll add how to restore your erased WhatsApp messages, and we’ll also recommend a more effective recovery of Android data that is quick to use and/or available for free download.

How to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages on Android?

Deleted WhatsApp messages can be restored in two ways on your Android. You can use a previously saved backup from Google Drive to restore deleted WhatsApp messages on your Android computer, or access the deleted data through your files.

1. Restore WhatsApp Data from Google Drive Backup – File

One of those required things to do is to back up your files, which often gets shoved to the back burner until there’s no solution. You’re in luck if you happen to have configured backups on your Google Drive before erasing WhatsApp messages.

It will be easy to restore those erased chats quickly and effortlessly by using Google Drive and your mobile number. It is mandatory to use the mobile number and Google account connected with your WhatsApp, otherwise, the method would not be successful.

In that light, below is a guide on how to recover deleted WhatsApp messages from your Drive.

Proceed with these measures if you’ve already set up a backup.

  1. Uninstall WhatsApp from your Android.
  2. Download and reinstall WhatsApp.
  3. Start the application and get your phone number verified.
  4. WhatsApp will allow you to restore chats from a backup by turning on the option to restore them, simply click, “RESTORE”.

2. Find Deleted WhatsApp Media Files Back – File

WhatsApp stores any picture you exchange in a file automatically. You can delete a picture from your chats and still have it in this folder on your device. Download your phone’s free file explorer software, then open the file folder, followed by WhatsApp then Media.

You’ll see all the media you got on WhatsApp here. Inside this one, there’s a Sent folder that contains every type of media you sent out. Give it a search to see if what you are searching for is inside your WhatsApp file.

Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages without Backup

If by chance you forgot to back up your WhatsApp messages and you accidentally erased them, your best shot at recovering them is through a spy app. Spy apps are classified as devices designed to remotely search someone’s records of messages and calls.

These are delivered in a manner that gathers information from the respective system. You can quickly break into someone’s mobile phone with the help of an app without the need for a password.

Different spy apps have different characteristics and are uniquely designed. But the main feature of these applications is to secretly monitor the messages. You get to restore your deleted messages and also enjoy other benefits. You can target the phone of your partner through the app or get insights into the activities of your child.

Without any doubt the best spy app of all is mSpy! With the aid of its keylogging feature, you back recover your deleted WhatsApp messages. Also, you can use mSpy to spy on someone else’s WhatsApp, in the case of a cheating spouse, or when you need to monitor your child’s activities.


A complete summary of the mSpy’s WhatsApp operation includes:

  • If you’re spying on someone else’s WhatsApp, you can search all the messages that the target has sent or received on WhatsApp.
  • All messages to your account are archived by the app. Also, this archive feature allows deleted messages to be retrieved.
  • With its assistance, not only can you see real and deleted WhatsApp messages, but you can also view multimedia files sent and received, see specifics of each message, and block unwanted contacts.


mSpy is your dream match if you need more insight on how to recover deleted WhatsApp messages without backup and want to get a single solution for performing various monitoring tasks.

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