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Want To Recycle Old Clothes? 5 Easy Tips Inside!

We all have dozens of clothes in our wardrobe that we do not use anymore. Either because of the weight that we gained last summer or because the clothes have become too worn-out to wear.

Back in the ancient era, people used to throw away these outfit pieces because “How do you reuse a piece of cloth?” But with the arrival of the concepts like ‘Recycling’ and ‘Go Green’, if there’s a certain consumer product which got a new life, it definitely has to be used-off clothes. In fact, as per a recent research, in the U.S. alone 15.2% of clothes were recycled in 2017.

So, let’s see what are the 5 efficient ways through which you can re-use your old clothes easily, at home:

1. DIY to the Rescue

The most modern way of recycling old clothes is by ‘DIY-ing’ them. The only things you need to reuse your lovely clothes are – old clothes, ideas, and creativity. You can make anything – from a rug to a bag – from your clothes.

Go ahead, cut that pair of jeans, make wall art out of it, and give your home a chic look. Spilled paint over your favorite dress? Do not worry, dye it into an all-new color and go bohemian in style!

There is just no end to what new can be created when it comes to recycling your clothes through DIY. In fact, the very best part about it is that it keeps your mind occupied and the artist within you, satisfied.

2. Textile Recycling

Textile Recycling is another urban technique of recycling old clothes. As per a recent survey, clothing recycling in Australia alone stands at an average of 88,000 tonnes of clothing per year. Thanks to textile recycling, lesser amounts of clothes are now thrown into the landfills.

Instead, this technique makes sure your old clothes are repurposed and made into something new! There is no limit to what can be made out of your discarded clothes – tennis balls, blankets, or even new clothes – if your clothing has gone for recycling under this technique, it can become anything.

3. Sell Them to the Thrift Stores

Many times while arranging our wardrobe, we come across certain clothes which we have not worn for ages because, alas, we do not fit in those anymore! So, instead of casting them deeper into our almirah shelves or throwing them away, why not just sell them to a thrift store?

The thrift stores buy your used clothes from you and sell them to others at a cheap price. The drill is pretty easy – go to the thrift store, sell them your old clothes, get the cash in return – that’s it! That way, you are not just making good use of your old clothes for yourself, but you are indirectly also helping those in need of clothes.

4. Donate Them to the Needful

While thrift stores are a great way to earn money through old clothes, donating is the best way to earn good wishes through the same. Probably the best way through which you can recycle your old clothes is by providing them to those who cherish them as new!

Besides, being a part of society, we are morally obliged to help the lesser fortunate. And what better than helping the needy by donating them clothes? Reach out to those NGOs or other such organizations that can help you in donating your clothes. That’s perhaps the best way of recycling those dresses that no longer belong in your wardrobe.

5. Turn Them into a Rag

When you are just too lazy to go for any of the above options for recycling old clothes, follow the tradition and turn your old clothes into rags. Let’s face it – rags are needed in every household. From kitchen top to dining table – there is no place in a home that does not need to be cleaned with a piece of cloth.

So, why buy one from the stores when you can just cut-off one from your junk clothes? You are not just saving yourself a good amount of money, but you are also recycling your old set of t-shirts in the most effortless manner.

Over to You…

Keeping in mind our environmental urgency, recycling has become a necessity. While most of the daily-use products have limited usage, clothes are one such thing that can be recycled in multiple ways. Here, we gave you 5 easy tips through which you can recycle your old clothes for good. There are various other ways to reuse old pieces of clothes but this will give you a healthy kick-start.

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