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6 Renovation Ideas To Try Out In Your Home

Home renovations are always a little scary, but they’re worth it. Remodeling your home is a risk worth taking as long as you do the planning work. Mapping out exactly how you want your home renovations completed can set you up for success and help you work through the initial chaos of the remodeling process. Read on for six smart renovation ideas to try out in your home that you can be proud of implementing.

1.  Custom Headboard Ideas 

Turn your bedroom into a space saver with custom furniture creations. Custom-made furniture designs are a surefire way to create original and compelling home remodeling pieces that amplify your space.

Consider working with a professional and have them build a headboard that functions as a place for your shredded memory foam pillow AND your phone. With built-in shelves, you can turn your headboard into a multifunctional piece of furniture that renews your space. You can even have shelves made to store your books for bedside reading. The possibilities are truly endless.

2.  Open Kitchen Shelving

Renovate your kitchen by rethinking how you stock your dishes. Maximize the space in your kitchen by considering remodeling solutions like open kitchen shelving. Not only is this approach to storing your dishes and glasses stylish, but it’s also a convenient way to grab what you need while you’re cooking. With everything laid out on an open shelf, you’re less likely to lose or misplace your dishes.

3.  Restore Your Floors

Consider restoring your floors to obtain quality results that will last for years. Tear up the old carpeting and see what floorboards rest underneath. From there, work with a carpenter to determine the best way to restore or replace your current floorings with an upgrade.

Some options for modern flooring include vinyl plank flooring, natural wood flooring, and whitewashed pine flooring. All of these stylish flooring choices will remake your space.

4.  Create An Accent Wall

Create an accent wall in your home office or living room that is another color. Make sure that the color you choose complements the adjacent walls to preserve balance in your space.

From there, install a bookshelf or desk unit you can use as a workspace or small nook for reading. The goal is to renovate your space and make room for functional spaces.

5.  Make A Home Gym

Turn your neglected spare room into a home gym. Paint the walls and hire epoxy-resin painters to create concrete resin flooring that is a perfect surface for exercise equipment. From there, all you need is your workout equipment, and you have a complete home gym to use whenever you want.

6.  Upgrade Your Kitchen Backsplash

Change the backsplash (or create one altogether) for a simple kitchen upgrade that will invite brightness and vibrancy into the space. Subway tiles and mosaic tiles are current trends to consider trying out in a backsplash for your kitchen.

You may find a backsplash to be aesthetically pleasing in a guest bathroom. Use your creativity and consider the tile designs that you find to be the most fitting for your space.

Create The Home Renovations Of Your Dreams

Break your home renovation plans down into smaller projects. You don’t need to knock down walls or spend a large amount of money to see significant home transformations.

Start with the home renovation projects you can afford, and you might surprise yourself with how great they turn out. Review the above ideas as you consider different home renovation projects and reach out to home renovation specialists who can help you create the home renovations of your dreams.

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