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Restaurant Features to Inspire Your Dining Room Design

Restaurant interiors always have a theme, and although you might not be opening a restaurant, you can use these restaurant designs to inspire your home dining area. If you look at some of the most famous restaurants you can see that their interior décor draws inspiration from a concept, a type of cuisine, heritage, or the architecture of the space. When you are planning your dining room interior you can get inspired by some of the design features used in top restaurants around the world. 

Retro Dining Rooms

You can take your home dining room back in time, and create a retro feel with a few easy tricks. When you go retro you can use a mix of styles from different eras or stick to one era. Popular retro restaurants draw on the 1950s, 60s, or 70s for their inspiration and so can you. You could even create a dining room that is reminiscent of a 1960s diner.

When choosing your dining room furniture for a retro-style design look at classic restaurant chairs from the era you are recreating. You’ll find that the shape and materials used in different eras will instantly give your space the look you’re going for. And simply using the color schemes that were popular in your chosen era will give your dining space a retro look. 

Show Off Your Wine

Have you ever walked into a restaurant and seen an entire wall (or room divider) stacked with bottles of wine. This is a common restaurant feature but it can also work in a home. If you are a wine lover then consider putting your wine on display. It becomes the focal point of the room and a feature that replaces the need for wall art.

There are several innovative ways of displaying a wine collection. For example a floor-to-ceiling wine rack, a small wine rack attached to the middle of the wall, or a room divider that doubles as a wine rack. When you have wine on display in your dining room you might want to give the space a moody, intimate, and warm design concept like an old boys club or a wine cellar.

Use of Light

Have you ever noticed the clever ways restaurants use light in their dining areas? You don’t often see a restaurant with one bright light source. Instead, restaurants use lighting to add an intimate atmosphere or to highlight features of the interior design.

When designing your home dining room don’t use one boring light hanging directly above the table. Instead, you can use smaller lights, perhaps standing lamps, spotlights on the walls, or a group of pendulum lights at different lengths hanging above the table. You can also use mirrors to reflect the light in your space and make your dining room look larger than it actually is. And if you have natural light flowing into your space then make use of that as well. 

Highlight Architectural Features

If you’re lucky enough to live in a house with interesting architectural features then you can incorporate them into your dining room design. Not only should you embrace architectural features, but you should even try to enhance them. If you have wooden beams, brick walls, or elegant molding make it a feature of your design and use it to inspire your dining room concept.

Wall Art Is Not Always Necessary

Have you ever noticed how some of the best restaurant interiors don’t even have wall art? Instead, they have furniture and architectural features that are so attractive you don’t need anything else. If a dining space has exposed brick walls, or a floor-to-ceiling wine rack – or perhaps the space is filled with lush plants and ornaments, then wall art is unnecessary. So avoid buying a generic painting for your dining room wall. And instead invest in interesting furniture, ornaments, and architectural features. And if you really want art on the wall then perhaps try to get original artwork from a local artist.

Defining Your Dining Room Concept

What is your family’s lifestyle and how and when do they eat? This will determine if you need extra-comfortable cushioned chairs or chairs that are easy to wipe down after children have made a mess at the table. If the rest of your home tends to be functional then you’ll probably want to go with a minimalistic concept. If you live in a historic home then vintage decor is probably a good choice. What kind of ambiance do you want to create? Are you likely to have many large family gatherings in the dining room, or is it more of a romantic space for dinner for two?

Use the internet, Instagram, and Pinterest to get inspiration for your home dining area design concept. Your dining room concept should reflect your personality, the character of your family in general, and the things that bring you joy, happiness, and peace.

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