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5 Currently Topical Rules for Communicating With Women

Relationships appeared on Earth over a billion years ago. Since then, a lot has changed and continues to change before our eyes. Did you know back in 2010 what Tinder or OkCupid was? Times change, the sphere of gender relationships changes with them.

Our path is to adhere to firm principles but not to lose inner flexibility, like the heroes of South Park — who never change but always promptly respond to the challenges of the time. Therefore, we present to you the modern rules for communicating with girls.

1. Do Not Be Too Straight

Of course, when you start flirting with mail order brides on Ladadate, you mean sex (and perhaps family happiness and death in one day), but why talk about the obvious things? A direct offer of sex from an unfamiliar person from the virtual world sounds offensive to most women. Tell them that you are passing through the city and just want to have dinner together.

Even if there is not a word of truth in this statement, the girl will understand from it that you are ready to give her a short-term holiday and do not intend to pursue her with harassment all her life.

2. Be a Little Old-fashioned

To be the first to enter an elevator or an unfamiliar restaurant, to unobtrusively give the lady a choice of a seat at a table, to give a coat — these are the signature gestures of a gentleman, which are more appreciated the more inconspicuously you know how to do them.

If a lady hints that you are funny and ridiculous in your courtesy, this is not necessarily because she is not used to a good upbringing. Perhaps your everyday etiquette skills are not sufficiently honed and natural.

3. Be Persistent

If a girl is opposed to you giving her a coat and paying a restaurant bill, do not give up this male privilege too easily without showing a minimum of persistence. A feminist is tuned in to a confrontational type of gender relationship and will be disappointed if she does not find any reasons for conflict at all.

4. Open Relationships Do Not Exist

No matter what a woman tells you, the very thought that you have stroked another lady’s naked buttocks at least once in your life makes her uncomfortable. If she insists on an open relationship, there can be two explanations:

• either she, being naturally soft-hearted and sensitive, intends to part with you gradually, without tears and conflicts,
• or she has resigned herself to the fact that you are an easy-rider.

Both options for the relationship are futile.

5. Give Presents

People inherited from their four-legged ancestors the rituals of “reproductive feeding”: moderate expressions of generosity are a way to inform a lady that she is interesting to you not only as an intellectual interlocutor.

Remember, however, that an inappropriately expensive gift puts the girl in an awkward position: she may think that you are expecting commensurate actions from her, while your plans are the most ordinary sex (which she also counted on by default). A sense of moderation and tact is the defining characteristic of a gentleman, and no generosity will compensate for its absence.

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