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The 4 Rules of Men’s Fashion that Simplify the Process

Men’s fashion is a delicate concept because it’s not that difficult to go wrong while trying to put together an attire for a special occasion! If you are not the world’s most fashion-conscious man but still care enough to look good every time you want to, you are in the right place. We will discuss a few simple but crucial rules that will help you through those times when you are not exactly sure about your choice for a particular occasion.

1. Don’t Wear the Wrong Suit

Nowadays, there are hardly any dress codes that can be considered mandatory, but those that manage to pull it off well are still noticed. Here are a few basic points to always get your suit right for the occasion.

Tailored Suits – Any suit you wear must be tailor-made and fitted to your body. Also, all two or three pieces should be made from the same cloth.

Black Suits – From butlers to lawyers and bodyguards to CEOs, the black suit is strictly professional attire. Reserve them for professional use only, if possible.

Gray Suits – These are comparatively less professional, making them just as suitable for formal events, as they would be for corporate meetings. The gray suit is one of the most versatile and safe options that you can own.

Navy Blue Suits – The most versatile suit color in existence, navy suits can be worn to almost any semi-formal, formal, and professional occasion.

There are so many other options that you can choose from, but that’s not the point here. When in doubt, none of the above will let you down.

2. The Wedding Ring is Not Your Only Option

The wedding ring is not the only ring a man can wear. In fact, hand-crafted rings are perfect opportunities for men to reflect some of their own personality via their choice of fashion. Just make sure that the ring’s design matches the girth of your finger properly.

Sterling silver will provide you with a much wider range of design options because of the metal’s malleability. Unlike yellow gold, silver also has a way of matching with nearly any formal/professional/informal attire, without standing out as too flashy. Platinum is several times more expensive and handcrafting options for the metal are highly limited.

3. Try It Out Well Ahead of Time

The most common mistake that men make is that they do not try out their whole attire for the occasion, at least not with enough time on their hands to make any necessary changes. Give yourself the peace of mind and time by trying out the entire outfit beforehand. If you feel comfortable wearing it and standing in front of the mirror, that’s pretty much all there is to it.

4. Don’t Clash Leathers

Whether it’s real leather or artificial leather, the idea is to never wear two leather pieces (shoes, belts, watch strap, hat) of completely different color in one attire. Note that this does not only apply to formalwear. Also, you don’t have to match the same exact shade, as long as you are not wearing dark brown brogues with a broad black belt.

Admittedly, clashing leathers may or may not be considered fashionable in certain circles, but it is still deemed to be a poor fashion choice by most. When in confusion, play it safe and don’t clash leathers.

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