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What You Need to Run a Small Business: a Quick Guide

When it comes to pursuing a life of entrepreneurship, you will find you are faced with many challenges. You will find that some ideas will go off without a hitch and will be earning you money in no time and that others just sit and waste your time and energy.

Unfortunately, every business idea you have will be a shot in the dark, and what might not work for you might work for someone else. However, even if your ideas struggle a little bit, it is always good to get your business solidly organized, so you are prepared when things take off.

Here is what you need to run your small business.


Firstly you need the right software. This means you are going to need to do some research. Whether this is looking at the right automated messaging services through messaging examples, or website creating software that you can use easily, there are so many different helpful pieces of software to help your business come to life.

Here are three that you might want to consider, whether you have your small business more established or you are just getting going with your start-up.

• Automated Reply Messages – This can be an excellent investment if you feel that your business is going to start growing very quickly, very soon. Automated Reply messages are sent to customers shortly after they make an inquiry, either giving them some closure or directing them to the next place to find the answer to their problem.

This can be convenient if you run your business yourself or have a small team who are starting to feel as though they have a little too much to do. It can also be useful for replying to messages sent outside of business hours.

• Website Design – If you own a business, you’ll know that your website is the face of your company. It represents you, and if it’s not done well, people aren’t likely to give you the benefit of the doubt.

This is a silly thing to have your business rejected over, so it is well worth investing some money into high-quality software or even a website designer to do it for you. You need to ensure that your website is reflective of your services because if it isn’t, people will lose trust in your brand name very quickly.

• Management Software – If you have a team or you have trouble timekeeping on your own, it might be beneficial to get team or project management software. This can be a good way to help organize an order of work among your team or even yourself if you have a project to get out of the door quickly. It can be a good way to maintain order and organization too.

This is incredibly important to get into the habit of early on, especially at the start when you can maybe afford to be a bit clumsy with your organization or your timekeeping.


When it comes to helping your business grow, unfortunately, you aren’t going to be able to keep everything in the office. The likelihood is, you are going to need some out-of-office help. Thankfully, there are a plethora of services that you can use, and you don’t have to stick to one; you can go around and try a few before you settle on which one is right for you.

However, it can be a bit tricky when it comes to deciding which services you do and don’t need. Here are two services that every business should definitely consider investing in.

• Cybersecurity – This is great for your business’s protection. There is a vast range of cybersecurity options you can have:

IT Support, which can help you and your employees with software and helping your overall security; Cloud protection, which is protecting the data that your business holds on the Cloud; Information and data security, which is the protection of all data your business holds; or physical security, which can protect employees, your business and anything owned under the business, such as software, hardware, and networks, from theft, terrorism, natural disasters and other physical actions that may cause harm to the business.

This can be incredibly useful to invest in later on, as not having little or no protection from cybercriminals is not going to help protect your data and your business. This is essential, as cybercrime has increased by 600% since the start of the global pandemic.

This is a serious problem that all businesses should be aware of and should be taken very seriously. This is why it is a service that your business is far better off investing in at the start, as that means that you are well protected from the beginning of your business’s lifetime.

• Website Management – As mentioned before, your website is the face of your business online. But this doesn’t just mean that it has to look good; it also means that it has to run well. Investing in website management and maintenance services can be incredibly useful, especially if you feel like you’ve got a lot on your plate.

This can be excellent for getting your website maintained to an excellent standard and can make your customers have a far better experience when visiting your website. This is a win for everybody. Website management specialists can also increase the loading times for your site, meaning that people aren’t waiting around for ages waiting for it to load.


Marketing can be a hassle at the best of times. It can be tricky to get right, and therefore feel like it’s too much of a pain to do much about. However, this is a big mistake to make. You need to put a lot of effort into your marketing, in the beginning, to actually get your business seen.

However, there are easier ways to market than having to spend thousands on marketing spots that will probably get ignored. Here are two ways you can increase your brand association and brand’s online presence.

• Social Media – Not only is this a fast way to reach out to your clients, but it is also free. You can promote your business really easily on social media sites, and it can be a great way to boost your online presence. There is a lot of beauty to the worlds of Instagram and Twitter. You can latch onto trends and memes to get more views via hashtags, and you can also invest in useful services, such as Social Media Influencer Marketing.

It can be incredibly useful to use social media to your business’s advantage. You can also run competitions and challenges on there that your customers can participate in using your products or a product-related niche.

For example, if you have a dog toy company, you can have a competition of the cutest dog, and all submissions need to have a picture or a video of the dog playing with said toy to enter. This kind of thing can go viral if you do it strategically and tag your posts well, which can be incredibly useful for your business.

• Custom Swag – These are essentially items that you can purchase from a manufacturer of swag products that can be decorated with your brand or logo. These can be given out as gifts, as free promotional trinkets that are an added item in your packages if you run eCommerce, or they can be for your employees. They can help on social media too. They can be part of the prizes given out for the winner of a competition, like a branded mug or hat, or even a bag.

To wrap things up

Running a small business is a long and worrying road. You are constantly worried about making the wrong investment, especially if it is going to cost you a lot of money. However, there are some things that you will probably need on your side.

These can be software, such as an automated reply system which can help you if your business has suddenly taken an influx of customers; it can be a website to help people find your business and represent your company online. Or, it could be team or project management software, which can be a great way to help you organize your business, which is imperative to get in order when your business starts to grow.

It can also be outsourced services, such as the protection of your business through IT Support and Cybersecurity, or website management experts who can help take care of your business’s greatest asset. Alternatively, it can be to help your marketing campaign, such as social media, or getting custom swag to help your brand association and identity and to increase your customer trust.

Either way, you are going to need some help when it comes to entrepreneurship, as it can be a tough and challenging job route to take, especially if this is your first business idea.

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