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Scholarly Essays on Twelfth Night

Various scholarly essays on Twelfth Night have been written with best essay writers to explain the play’s background and plot. They also cover characters and settings, and they discuss criticisms. In addition, they look at films that are based on the play.


During the late 17th century, Twelfth Night was staged in various adaptations. It was revived in Drury Lane in 1741. It was later produced in a silent version in 1910. This play explores the connections between the audience and the characters onstage.

The characters in Twelfth Night are memorable and funny. The play’s primary focus is on romantic love. Several different love states are presented grademiners reviews. The love polygons are complex and complicated. The space is full of misunderstandings that are used to construct comedy.

The plot of Twelfth Night deals with gender, sexuality, and love. It features several characters who have a variety of different ways of expressing their love. It also looks at the dynamics of homosexuality and sex.

The character of Viola plays an essential role in the play. She plays the part of Cesario, a man, but pretends to be a woman. She tries to pursue Olivia. The two of them have a romantic relationship. Ultimately, she marries Orsino.


Originally a Catholic holiday, Twelfth Night is also known as the eve of Epiphany. The play, written in 1600, is set in the fictional country of Illyria, located on the Adriatic Sea. Besides modern Albania, the land encompasses modern Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is where dreams are a reality, and sexual ambiguity is explored.

As a renowned playwright, Shakespeare wrote numerous plays where female characters portrayed themselves as men. Twelfth Night was no exception. The play explores sexual ambiguity and gender identity. It is a spirited romantic comedy.

In the play, the Duke of Illyria, Orsino, is in love with Olivia. But, first, they argue about whether men and women should be in love. Then, the Duke decides to marry Viola.

The play’s setting of Illyria has long been the subject of critical discussion. The region’s remoteness and mysterious nature have led scholars to speculate about the forces that prompted the play’s creation.

In the Twelfth Night, music interweaves with the drama. Music re-orders the events and re-establishes a structure unique to the play.


Twelfth Night stands out as the greatest of the bunch among the many Shakespearean comedies. This play is packed with double entendres and is full of social commentary. Nevertheless, this is one of the most famous and quotable Shakespearean comedies and stands the test of time.

Twelfth Night is chock full of metaphors, symbolism, and wit, as in most of William Shakespeare’s plays. Specifically, the space uses several different modes of comedy to significant effect with help of essaypro review.

It’s no secret that Twelfth Night is about love, but it also explores the various facets of love. There are several subplots, and the plot is woven into a neat little pattern.

The Twelfth Night can be considered a love story starring a young man from Verona, a shipwrecked princess, and the ducal nobility of lyria. While the play is a delight to watch, it raises ethical questions. The space also has a very controversial finale. The last word is delivered by Feste the Fool.

Films based on the play

Adaptations of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night are a popular genre in films. They often focus on a teen character. These movies are based on themes of sexuality, gender, and behavior. They’re usually set in a modern world and sometimes have a distinctly teenage tone. In the case of “She’s the Man,” for instance, Viola Hastings is a high school girl who pretends to be a boy so she can play on her male soccer team.

Similarly, “Motocross” focuses on a motocross-loving teenager. The film also takes the classic “Twelfth Night” plot and adapts it to a modern setting.

The play is a retread of the classic tale of Romeo and Juliet, but in the movie, the two characters are portrayed in a modern setting. Viola and Sebastian are twins in this version, and misunderstandings separate them.

This production has some questionable choices, but the overall concept is strong. The film features a multicultural cast, and the soundtrack is excellent for “All Job Opportunities After a Degree in Philosophy”.

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