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How To Scrape Telegram Data

Telegram is a cloud-based mobile and desktop messaging app that has gradually grown into one of the most popular messaging applications globally. Thanks to its efficiency and broad user base, many businesses, including online casino websites, use it as a customer support method. Some even form Telegram channels to keep subscribers updated on the latest products and deals.

Since it was released nearly a decade ago, many have hailed it as an alternative to WhatsApp, a hot topic of debate that has existed for some time. However, the subject we are to discuss today isn’t about the Telegram-WhatsApp rivalry. Instead, today, we are here to discuss how you can scrape Telegram data. Read on to find out more.

What is Data Scraping?

Data scraping, which is also called web scraping, is the process of importing important information from a particular website which in this case is Telegram, into a spreadsheet or a local file stored on your computer. There are many reasons why people scrape data. They may include:

• Using the data to generate leads for marketing;
• Gather data from different places in one place;
• Retrieve data from a single source;
• Use the data for faster innovation;
• Unlimited marketing automation;
• Conduct market analysis;
• End-to-end testing.

The list of reasons individuals and businesses scrape data is endless, meaning that it’s a practice that bears limitless potential. However, social networks and messaging platforms like Telegram, Facebook and WhatsApp, usually keep details of data scraping from their platform on the low. That’s probably because some unethical parties may obtain user details from Telegram, such as user telephone numbers, and spam them with texts.

So, first things first, if you are here learning how to scrape Telegram data, make sure that you are doing it for all the right reasons and not to make users’ lives difficult.

Scraping the Data

Scraping of Telegram data may be a little bit more complicated compared to other apps like WhatsApp, Facebook or Twitter. This is because Telegram works slightly differently from other apps as it doesn’t belong to the open web.

As a result, it’s virtually impossible to scrape Telegram data if you are not logged in. But then, on the flip side, given how friendly Telegram is with automation via its bots, it becomes a little bit easier to perform the data scraping on the application.

Ultimately, you can take two main paths to scrape data off Telegram. The first one we’ll look at is the more complicated of the two and is probably more suited to programmers.


Python is a computer programming software that is often used to build websites, automate tasks or conduct data analysis. It is a slightly complicated programming language, but it can be the key to scraping Telegram data if you get things right.

Through python, you can target scraping the web version of Telegram, meaning that you can get your hands on any public data available to you. So, if this is the approach you decide to follow, it’s advisable to take advantage of Selenium, a tool that supports browser automation. This method is also preferable as you can easily input your codes in place to avoid getting blocked from scraping the data.

Use Telegram API

This is a more official way of scraping Telegram data because it is an official API from Telegram itself. However, as you might have already guessed, this approach has its limitations. The data you will collect using this method is not as expansive as using the one you’ll get using the python method. But then again, you do not have to worry about any blocks you may encounter because this is a method facilitated by Telegram.

Use Telegram Scrapers

Yes, there is a Telegram API available to users interested in scraping data from the application. However, you may not necessarily need the official API, especially if you are not down for all the coding or simply have no idea how to code.

Moreover, it’s worth noting that the methods we’ve discussed above best work with the web version of Telegram. If you are looking to scrape the data using more straightforward methods, then you should instead use data scrapers as most of the heavy lifting will be done for you.

When it comes to the data scrapers, you should understand that they ultimately vary in strength and that different scrapers work well with different websites depending on the strength of the website. Of course, you can bet that the Telegram web platform is strong, so it might be a tough nut to crack for some scrapers. Currently, some of the best Telegram scrapers in the market today are:

• Apify
• Bright data
• Silverdor
• Octoparse
• Web Harvy

There you have it, depending on how comfortable you are with programming, these are the best options for scraping Telegram data. DIY or Telegram scrapers, the choice is yours to make!

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