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How To Select the Best Background for Product Photos

To get serious with e-commerce, you’ll need to start with good product photos. Good product photos can mean higher conversion rates and sales for your business.

However, choosing the right background for product photos can be more complicated than you think. Beginners might think that any background would do, but that is far from the truth.

Read this guide to find out how to select the best background for product photos.

Choose a Simple Background

Product photography background selection is an integral part of creating an attractive picture. It catches the attention of potential customers. Your choice of background should be simple, such as plain solid colors, or creative backdrops, like a brick wall, depending on the product type. A good background does not clog the image and keeps the focus on the product.

However, having a more detailed background can be beneficial if you’re selling something with visual appeals, like tech gadgets or jewelry. Before making your background choice, please think of how it will complement the product, either matching the background colors or blowing them up with contrast.

Consider the Lighting

Choosing the best background for product photos is essential for creating the best first impression for an online store. The product type desired aesthetic, and you should consider lighting. For example, a pastel-colored product may look best against a solid-colored background and good lighting, whereas a dark product may need a more muted, darker background and less intense lighting.

Also, manipulating the lighting to create added texture and simulated effects such as sunrays or shadows can enhance the photo. Therefore, a background is subjective, but you should choose it based on the product type, desired aesthetic, and lighting to create the best product photo.

Blur the Background

Generally, neutrals or tones that complement or contrast with the product work best. When blurring the background, you want to create an out-of-focus area that frames the product and makes it the center of focus. Avoid having too much blur, as your subject will be lost in the background.

Choose a background color or texture that will create a good balance with your product and provide the desired effect. But, if one wants to emphasize the development and not the background, then blurring the background in Photoshop may be an ideal selection. Blurring focuses the eye on the product and keeps the scene from distracting viewers.

Blurring also gives an artistic feel to the photo and ensures the product stands out. When blurring backgrounds in photoshop, hold down the “Alt” key and click on the layer of the item to be blurred. Drag the edge around the product and let go of the mouse; the blur will go outside the boundary.

It is a great way to draw the eye to the product and make the photo more captivating. When selecting a background, keep clarity, contrast, and focus in mind. Blurring the background eliminates any sharp contrast.

It will help ensure the product is the star of the photo.

Background for Product Photos

Follow this guide to find the best background for product photos and create professional-looking images to attract customers—select backgrounds that are plain, the proper color, and complementary to the product. Invest in a backdrop stand and use different types of backdrops.

It will keep the photos fresh and exciting. Start capturing stunning product photos today.

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