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How to Sell Your Riverside Home as a Pet-Lover

Your pets are essential to your family, but potential buyers aren’t keen on getting to know your fur babies. They won’t be able to overlook the chewed-up door jambs and the rampant loose fur; they’ll be able to spot old pet stains instantly!

Don’t let your pets scare off potential buyers when you put your Riverside home on the market. We have tips to help you sell your Riverside home quickly and for top dollar in 2023.

Fresh Scents for the Whole House

Pet odors and odors can be off-putting to potential buyers, so getting rid of them before listing your home is essential. You can do this by shampooing the carpets, washing linens and curtains, opening windows, and even whipping out the Febreeze before showings.

Clean the Back Yard

Anyone seriously considering purchasing your home will want to investigate its features. This includes the outside space where your pet relieves itself. You may lose that sale if a potential buyer steps on dog poop and tracks it inside. To avoid this, clean up any pet waste from the backyard.

Hide Evidence of Your Pets

Ideally, a buyer wouldn’t know you have a pet, but that’s only sometimes practical. It’s essential to clean up after your pets by putting away their bedding, toys, and bowls. If you can’t conceal everything, ensure it’s all neatly stashed away in one place.

Repair Damages

Household pets aren’t usually the cleanest roommates. Before letting potential buyers see the house, you ought to clean, fix or replace any flooring, door jams, or other structural components your pet may have destroyed.

Take the Pets for a Walk

There is no doubt that this is a difficult undertaking, yet it’s in the best interests of everyone to make sure that your pet isn’t in the home when it’s being shown to potential buyers. If this means taking your dog for a walk, having a friend watch your cats for the day, or even scheduling them a stay at a local pet boarding facility, then it may be worth considering.

Yappy Neighbor Dogs

When you’re trying to sell a house that also has animals, there are a lot of things besides just your pets that can scare away potential buyers. Buyers and real estate agents who take note of everything often complain when they hear barking dogs nearby. In this situation, you should be as courteous and helpful as possible.

During showings, you should talk with your neighbors about bringing their pets inside the house. You can take it further by discussing some things you’ve had to handle showings with pets. Instead, you can arrange for pet sitting, dog walking, or doggy daycare and pay for it when you schedule showings. In extreme cases, installing a water feature in your yard, such as a waterfall, can help mask the sound of barking dogs.

When selling a home with pets, you’re not alone. We recommend finding a real estate agent who’s familiar with helping people sell their homes with pets.

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