Obvious Signs That You Need To Buy A New Car

signs need a new car
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Your car has been your helpful companion for a long time. Driving it daily was a fantastic experience. But over the years, it experienced plenty of wear and tear and slowly started to fail to meet your needs. You’ve felt for a while that the brakes are functioning differently and no longer feel confident to drive your car on long distances.

If it’s the first car you ever bought, it’s heartbreaking to see it tearing apart. But you also know it served you for many years, and it may be the moment to replace it with a new one.

But if you cannot decide if you should get a new one or take the old one to the local service, this guide may help you. It highlights the signs that indicate your vehicle’s lifespan is dwindling. As its driver, you should be aware of the issues it can face, and the signs that show it needs replacement.

Some of them are very subtle, but when you drive it daily, you should be able to notice them. You wouldn’t want your car to stop working one day and have no other way to get to the office.

Take a look at the below list and decide if you need a new car.

It Regularly Requires Major Repairs

All cars need repairs at a point or another because as you use them, wear and tear are inevitable. You should also expect your car to have a breakdown occasionally. But when you feel like you’ve been spending more time at the local service shop than on the roads, an alarm bell should ring.

You should carefully weigh up the expenses associated with periodically repairing it and determine if they cost more than the value of the vehicle. If you feel like you could’ve purchased it three times with the money spent to repair it, it’s the moment to part ways and get a new one.

You Already Know Its Quirks By Heart

When you’ve been using the same car for a long time, you cannot truly say what’s normal and what you only got used to. When driving it, you probably don’t bother too much about the shrieking noises it makes when you go past the first gear or the other odd sounds it makes from time to time.

You even ignore that you cannot always ignite the engine and spend minutes in the morning trying to make it work, to leave for the office. You notice your car isn’t functioning correctly only when you have a passenger who points out the abnormal noises it makes or reactions it has on the road.

If you’re constantly telling your passengers to ignore some of the reactions your car has, take it for a check and a mechanic can evaluate its state. Also, even if you feel comfortable with driving it while ignoring its warning lights, they mean no good. It’s all right to see them flicker from time to time, but you shouldn’t ignore them because they always point to a severe issue.

Ask a professional to take a look at it if you feel something’s off. If it costs too much to repair it, or the mechanic tells you there’s nothing you can do to improve its performance, consider replacing it.

Safety Is A New Concern

It doesn’t matter how good you care and maintain your vehicle; at some point, it becomes unsafe to drive it. In the beginning, it may not be very obvious that it poses a danger to your health, but you should think about it. How long have you been driving it? If you cannot even remember, it’s safety features may be outdated.

The latest models come packed with safety features you cannot even think of, like collision warning and auto-braking. If your vehicle doesn’t measure with similar features, trade it for another.

Often drivers delay changing their car for a new one because they cannot save enough to pay for it. But when it’s your safety to worry about, trading it for a new one is no longer a solution. When you don’t have enough funds to purchase the car with upfront cash, you can apply for car loans and get financial help. If you think your car is a hazard on the roads, there’s no reason to delay changing it. Hang up the keys and get a loan to purchase a new one.

The Premiums Get More Expensive Every Year

No one likes to talk about car insurance because it’s the bane of every driver. Everyone is looking for ways to lower the cost of premiums so they can make it more affordable, but even if they manage to do it, insurance policies are so expensive that they always drain on your finances.

But even if it’s frustrating to look annually for the best insurance policy and ways to lower its price, it’s necessary because it’s illegal to drive a car lacking one. But when you see that your premiums creep up annually, and whatever you do, you cannot cut down the price, buying a newer car is the best solution.

Insurance premiums vary a lot, according to variable factors, but when your driving history and personal details don’t change, and the policy gets more expensive, it’s the vehicle’s fault. Older cars are more unreliable and insurance providers are aware, so they take more cautions to protect their profit.

Also, older cars aren’t packed with safety features that protect you and your passengers in case of collision. As a result, insurance companies consider them liabilities and they ask more for insurance. New models have low premiums because they include many safety features, and even if you pay more to purchase one, you save in the long run.

If you read the above signs and found yourself nodding more than once, or you’re simply green with envy because everyone’s cars look better, then it’s the time to trade it for a new one. It’s exciting to know that in a couple of weeks you’ll get behind the wheel of a new beauty!

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