6 Signs Your Ex Still Cares: Is It Time to Reignite the Spark?

signs your ex still cares
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It has been more than a decade since the movie The Break-Up came out and changed everyone’s lives. Both gut-wrenching and sort of romantic, it’s a good example of how a real break-up feels even today.

However, it is also one of those movies that make you consider your past relationships and start thinking — what if your ex actually still cares? What if…there are signs you two are meant to be together but are just too afraid to even try again?

If you’ve been toying with the idea of getting back together with your ex, it’s high time you checked for signs your ex still cares and loves you. You definitely don’t want to go blind into this or make a fool of yourself. Luckily, you won’t have to! Here are six signs that there could still be a spark between you two — something worthy of a second chance.

Top 6 Signs Your Ex Still Cares

#1 There’s no indifference at all

You have to remember that the opposite of love after a break-up isn’t anger or pettiness. It’s actually true indifference. If your ex doesn’t care about you, they won’t check in, send messages, or ask anyone about you. They’ll be completely at peace with the break-up and suppress everything that has happened!

So, one of the telltale signs your ex still cares is the lack of such indifference. Even if they’re angry at you, a bit jealous, or are trying to reach you to talk about what they think you did wrong — they still care. Otherwise, you would still be in the “no contact” zone!

#2 Random check-ins are suddenly a thing

Sometimes, people break up because they fail to communicate properly. If you believe that your ex wasn’t really that great at replying to messages, you’re in for a real surprise then if they suddenly start texting you non-stop.

The love doesn’t go away if it was real just because the relationship is over. It doesn’t just disperse into the air — it stays with you for some time. So, if you find that your ex is calling you, asking how you are — basically doing everything they were supposed to do while you were together — then it’s fairly certain they still have some love left for you.

#3 Talking isn’t just casual — it’s a full-on walk through memory lane

Sure, you probably already have an ex who you sometimes text and check in with. You want to know if they’re doing well and whether you’ve finally won the break-up. However, if your most recent ex is constantly reminiscing about your relationship, this could be a sign your ex still cares about you.

You’re not just casually talking about what they’re up to; they have nicely settled in the memory lane and are trying to get a reaction from you. They want to see if you feel the same way and if you miss the good old days.

#4 They go all John Cusack on you

Ah, High Fidelity is one of those movies that stays with you, especially if you have a soft spot for John Cusack. Remember what his character did? In order to cope with a break-up, he went through a list of past girlfriends and tried to find out what went wrong. In essence, he was trying to become a better person, always hoping to get back the one that got away.

If you suddenly realize this is what your ex is doing too, it’s possible that they still care about you. Remember the indifference part? If they don’t care, they won’t try to do anything differently.

They’ll just move on with their lives as if nothing happened. In contrast, if there are some feelings left, they will try to show you that they’re not just sorry but ready to fix all the things that made you break up in the first place.

#5 Your ex is still in your life — one way or another

Whether you’re constantly bumping into your ex on the street or your family says that they have been asking about you — there is a reason your ex is still in your life. These things don’t happen randomly. When you don’t want to see someone, you KNOW how to avoid them. So, by not avoiding you, your ex might be actually trying to show how much they care.

Of course, talking with your family and friends is one of those signs you just cannot remain oblivious to. Why on Earth would they want to talk to your mother if they didn’t want to know how you were?

In essence, by asking about you, especially wondering about your love life, your ex is trying to stay in the picture. They want to stay in your life, one way or another. They don’t want to be forgotten as that would mean you would move on — and that’s what they fear the most.

#6 Their actions speak louder than words

Finally, the “loudest” signs your ex still cares are their actions. If your ex is always there for you, despite the recent break-up — what more could you ask for? If they are trying to show you that they’ve changed without being petty and making you jealous on social media — they care.

Even when they say they don’t feel anything, you can tell from their actions that they’re struggling to show how much they miss you. It’s in their eyes, after all, and if you’ve been in a long-term relationship, you’ll know immediately they care just by looking at them.


In the end, love doesn’t die when a relationship ends. If the break-up was long overdue, the love disappeared a long time ago. Therefore, if your ex still cares and you’ve noticed these signs, maybe it’s time to do something about it.

There could be something worth fighting for, despite the short break. In fact, maybe the break-up was the best decision you could make at that point. Maybe you just needed time to figure out whether you can live without each other!

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