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Sisal Plans to Launch Its First Native Online Casino and Slots Mobile App

Sisal, the Italian lottery operator is branching out. The lottery operator announced its plans to launch its own online casino mobile app. This means that customers will be able to access a selection of slots, and other casino games from their devices such as tablets and smartphones.

Sisal commented on its new native app noting: “The release of the first native app is the last step, in chronological order, of the digital innovation path through which Sisal aims to develop and manage increasingly advanced proprietary technologies and gaming systems.”

There are many casino and slots apps creating much competition in this marketplace. Because of this, it is very important for apps to operate smoothly and offer something extra.

In addition to this, it is very important that the app be well marketed to potential players. Sisal will need to make sure they are featured on top review sites such as NodepositRewards and AskGamblers if they plan to make any headway in this ultra-competitive space. Both these gaming review sites bring valuable information to the consumer.

Sisal has been moving forward in digitization and in other areas, but wanted to do so in the best way possible. The company has some big goals such as closing the gender pay gap by 2030 and having no, or very low, CO2 emissions.

The more big companies work towards goals such as lowering CO2 emissions and equality in the workplace, the better it will be for those in the workforce, and of course for the world in general. Along with these excellent goals, Sisal also continues to work towards having a gambling app with no problem gamblers.

We can already see the company is making progress toward its goals. By the end of 2020, Sisal employed 2,170 women, making up 39% of the company’s employees. As part of reducing its CO2 emissions, last year the company saved a bit less than seven tonnes of CO2.

For its achievement in reducing emissions, the company received Ecovadis’ silver medal. This award is for those companies that are recognized at an international level for an eco-sustainability platform. Sisal plans to continue working towards even better sustainability by reducing paper use, using renewable sources of energy and redubbing CO2 emissions further.

In the past year, one of the ways in which Sisal furthered its goal to have no problem gamblers was to reduce deposit limits. If you cannot make huge deposits, you also cannot lose large sums of your hard-earned money. At the same time, you still get to enjoy an excellent gambling app and enjoy plenty of gaming.

The company researched gaming behaviors over the last year. The scope of the research included analyzing 15,000 of its online gaming customers and their gaming patterns.

To further try and ensure that there should be no gambling problems, the company used an algorithm to help identify those players who are most likely to be at risk of developing gambling addictions. In addition to this, the company trained its employees, including those at points of sale in how to identify players who are at risk.

Sisal chooses to keep its players safe by ensuring that all payment processing choices are verified and certified by a governing body.

Along with this, the games on the app are also verified and certified. L’Agenzia delle Dogane e Monopoli, or the customs and monopoly agency is the governing body that verifies and certifies gambling apps. Another way to keep players safe is to ensure that players can practice safe gambling and receive help with potential gambling problems.

There are a number of important features included in the Sisal app that help protect people from gambling addictions. There will be safe gaming tools and other features to promote responsible gambling. The app allows players to set their own deposit limits which helps you to keep control of the funds you are spending on gambling.

In addition to this, there is also a self-exclude option for those who feel they need it. Self-exclusion can be either a temporary measure or you can use this feature to permanently self-exclude.

The Sisal Group recently announced a demerger with the Mooney Group, its payment subsidiary. The company made this move as it hopes to win the fourth tender for the UK National Lottery License. At this time, the Sisal Group is the parent company of the Mooney Group.

When the demerger is finalized, the company’s shares will transfer to SG2 S.p.A, which will be the new holding company. Sisal currently owns 70% of the Mooney Group’s shares. The new holding company will be SG2 S.p.A. CVC Capital Partners is a private equity business that owns both SG2 S.p.A and Sisal. Until the changes take place, the Sisal Group is the parent company of the Mooney Group and of Sisal S.p.A.

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