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4 Skill Games That Can Generate An Income

Thanks to advancements in technology, the internet is bigger than ever before and the opportunities to make money have never been so accessible. Not too long ago, the thought of being able to sit behind a computer screen and click a few buttons to make money didn’t seem like a possibility.

Now this has become a reality, and you can even get paid for playing games. Many people have been learning poker for beginners in the hopes of raking in cash at the online poker table, and there are many other games that enable you to earn money simply by playing them, so take a look below and see if any of the options are appealing to you.

1. Exodus3000

Up first on this list is a hugely popular multiplayer RPG game known as Exodus3000. This is a strategy game set in the distant future, thousands of years from now. The Earth has become uninhabitable for humans to live on, and you have to find resources and minerals to survive, which can be swapped for an in-game currency known as “Mars Dollars.” Mars Dollars can be obtained in three different ways: exploring ruins, fighting other players, and mining volcanoes. 

Aside from being a really fun game to play to pass the time, once you have enough Mars Dollars you can trade them in for real cash. To put it into perspective, for 300,000 Mars Dollars you will receive $20. Considering that you get 5,000 Mars Dollars just for signing up, it’s clear why this game is so popular, as it isn’t long before you can cash out your in-game currency for tangible assets. If earning real money whilst having fun playing an immersive game sounds good to you, then download Exodus3000 and try it out for yourself.

2. Play Rummy

Rummy is a card game that originated in Mexico in the 1980s, where players have to match cards that have either the same suit with the same sequence or rank. The goal is to form melds which are three cards that are the same rank or runs. Runs are three cards that have the same suit and are also sequential. The objective is to get out first, or gather more points than anyone else.

There are now many ways in which you can play Rummy online, meaning that you don’t have to leave your house to join in a fun game, and money is also up for grabs. Play Rummy is one of the most popular ways to play this game online, and it’s readily available on both the Apple App store and the Google Play Store.

One of the many reasons why Play Rummy is so popular is because it’s completely secure and safe, with payouts that are swift and hassle-free. There’s also support available at all times of the day if you need any help with transactions or if you have any other queries.

3. Second Life

Up next on this list is Second Life, which is a game where players create their own avatars and go about their daily lives in an online virtual world. You can interact with other players in the virtual world, and with a total player base of over 2 million, you won’t struggle to find people to hang out with. That’s all well and good, but you’re probably wondering how people make money playing Second Life.

Surprisingly, Second Life players can actually buy and sell virtual properties for real money, as well as purchasing clothing and gadgets. You can even make money by creating content in the game, which you can then sell to other players. A fun example of this is selling tickets to a virtual rock concert that you’re performing at. 

People are rumored to have made a load of cash playing Second Life, so why not get innovative and see how much money you can earn whilst having a blast with all of the other creators on the platform?

4. Paid Game Player

If you consider yourself to be quite a competitive person then Paid Game Player might be the website for you. There are over 25 games on offer for you to play, including Family Feud, Bejeweled 2, and Zuna. In each game you get to compete with other players to come out on top and take the victory as well as a cash prize.

After each win you’ll be entered into a winning circle with the other winners. If you manage to emerge victorious from the winning circle then you will be crowned the champion, and awarded a cash prize. 

There’s an option to upgrade your membership on the website, which will give you access to benefits as well as higher payouts for winning. Or you can simply continue to play for free, the choice is yours. Paid Game Player claims to pay out over $250,000 in cash prizes every day, so there clearly is a lot of money up for grabs.

If you don’t fancy the intensity of competing against other players and prefer something a little more relaxing, Paid Game Player also has that covered, offering participants the opportunity to get paid to review games, take surveys, and even try out products.

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