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Top In Demand Skills You Must Have as DevOps Engineer

Over the past decade, development concepts like Scrum, Agile, and DevOps have taken over the digital platforms. Besides, the demand for technology by businesses is on the constant rise. With this, applications and platforms are evolving rapidly, causing a great demand for experts. Thus, there is a surge of individuals taking technology management courses and IT development tracks, such as DevOps Engineering, to cope with the demands.

In this guide, we look at the DevOps jobs in Singapore you should apply for and the necessary skills you need to be competitive.

So, if you’re a DevOps engineer, here’re the fundamental skills organizations are looking for, and you need to hone them.

Top In-Demand Skills for DevOps

1. Knowledge of different Technologies and DevOps tools

DevOps are executed in different stages. And it’s worth noting that every step of execution requires various tools to facilitate the location. The main stages include;

  • Source code management.
  • Configuration management.
  • Continuous integration and testing.
  • Containerization and monitoring.

2. Scripting and Linux Fundamentals.

There’s no doubt the error of proprietary OSEs is gone. Today, most businesses prefer hosting their applications on the Linux Operating System. Therefore, if you’re looking for DevOps jobs in Singapore, we recommend learning more about Linux OS.

Additionally, as a DevOps Engineer, you need knowledge of how to handle scripting. Also, you must be versed in one of the scripting languages, especially Python. So, in a nutshell, you must have Linux scripting skill sets.

3. Infrastructure as Code

With the advent of containerization and cloud computing, the infrastructure required by IT engineers can be provisioned through automated scripts. Therefore, you need to understand how to deploy scripts to help in configurations in a matter of minutes.

Now that you understand the skills in demand in the market, what are the career paths available?

DevOps Career Path

As an engineer, you need to have skills in SDLC. Besides, you should also be an expert in using various automation tools to solve complex problems.

As a successful engineer, you must learn to have the necessary coding, integrations, and coding skills. Hence, the path for DevOps engineer could lead to you being;

  • DevOps Cloud Engineer.
  • DevOps Architect.
  • DevOps Test Engineer, among others.

According to the Salary Experts, the salary for DevOps in Singapore averages $96,419, equivalent to $46 rates per hour. Additionally, the experts also earn about $3,558 in bonuses.

Where to Find DevOps Jobs

If you’re looking for the right place to find DevOps jobs in Singapore, we recommend the following job boards.

  • Huxley recruitment agency JobsDB.
  • The Monster job board, Singapore.
  • Indeed, and.
  • LinkedIn.

When using the jobs boards, you need to make sure you read and understand the terms of every work you’re applying for; otherwise, it will be pointless to apply for a job you can’t deliver.

Final Thoughts

For both companies and job seekers, finding the right candidate/job is key to your success. Thus, we recommend partnering with a verified agency in the industry to help you source the right job/employee. For example, if you’re in Singapore, you can try the services of the Huxley agency. They are known for outsourcing for the best employees across the country.

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