Upcoming Smart Home Ideas In 2021

smart home ideas
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In 2020, most of our time was spent at home. The year was dedicated to adjusting to having online classes, working from home and being quarantined indoors. In 2021, we’re still expected to spend the majority of our time at home. However, what makes this year different is that we have an opportunity to upgrade our homes to bring more comfort and creativity.

People’s priority this year is to optimize their living space to do anything and everything they need to. One way of doing that is through smart technology. Turning your home into a “smart” one can be life-changing for you and your family. The next time you decide to redecorate your home, don’t forget to use your Home Depot cashback for deals and discounts.

Smart Home Ideas

Starting your smart home journey is a lot easier than you think. Here are some smart home ideas you can add to your homes:

1. Smart Speakers and Displays

Smart speakers and displays serve as the core hub for all device connectivity in your smart home. With its voice assistant feature, you can basically ask it anything and command it or any of your devices to do whatever you need to do. And to make things more convenient, some devices allow you to have one central remote through HDMI CEC connectivity. That way, you can control your TV, soundbar, set-top box, and Blu-ray player with one remote instead of four.

Talking about smart speakers, if you are a music lover, you will definitely love this floating speaker from Floately. It is an awesome product that also can be used as a home decoration item. This floating speaker is based on the levitation concept and also works well as a home decoration item.

How beautiful would it be to have something that levitates and lights up when music plays? This will enhance your experience with listening to music. Nebula – Floating Bluetooth Speaker from Floately would be the right choice for you as it can be paired easily with any device and comes with a sensitive microphone so you can make and receive calls easily.

2. Smart Wi-fi Routers

Smart Wi-fi routers allow you to connect multiple devices to one network. You can use these devices simultaneously and at ease. What sets smart wi-fi routers apart from regular wi-fi routers is that smart wi-fi routers interact with your devices, monitors their activity, and immediately troubleshoots technical difficulties. With everyone needing the internet, this is a great purchase to ensure a hassle-free network connection.

3. Smart Locks

Through voice activation or using your smartphone, locking and unlocking doors is made a lot easier. Smart locks are an upgrade from regular locks because it is keyless, making it more convenient. Smart locks have other features such as geofencing and auto-locking.

4. Smart Plugs

Smart plugs help monitor power outlet usage. If the outlet/s are not in use, you can easily turn it off through your voice or your smartphone. Not only can this help you in saving money, but it also helps in conserving energy.

5. Smart Heating and Cooling

With smart technology, you can easily adjust the temperature at your home with just your voice. If you’re feeling too lazy to get up from bed to adjust the thermostat, that’s not a problem with smart heating and cooling. Aside from being able to adjust the temperature through voice activation and using your smartphone, you can also set a schedule for the temperature.

6. Robot Cleaning Vacuums

Have no time or energy to tidy up the house? That’s not a problem with robot cleaning vacuums. Robot cleaning vacuums are innovative cleaning tools that not only clean dirt, dust and debris from your carpet and floors, but also learns about its environment and your cleaning habits. Robot cleaning vacuums are the future for household upkeep.

7. Smart Refrigerators

In 2021, you may expect smart refrigerators to be more popular. Smart refrigerators can help make creating shopping lists, cooking and doing anything in the kitchen a lot more enjoyable. You can connect your devices to your smart refrigerator to share pictures, play videos and stream music. You can even peak inside your refrigerators with its built-in cameras, making grocery trips and planning meals a lot easier.

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