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Drinking Guide: 7 Smoothest Whiskey for You

Whiskey is one of the most popular alcoholic beverages in the world. However, not everyone is a fan of its harsh and bold taste. A lot of people prefer something lighter that they can down in one move, whether they are beginners or experienced drinkers. Luckily, the smoothest whiskey out there can give them just that.

Below, you will find a comprehensive guide to smooth whiskey, including the best brands you should check out. Read on!

What Makes a Whiskey Smooth?


In the world of alcoholic beverages, the term smooth can mean different things. Smooth alcohol can either be mild, light, or sweet. When it comes to whiskey, smooth means a little bit of all three.

The smoothest whiskey is light and does not have too harsh of an aftertaste. In addition, it is not as bitter as the usual whiskey most people are used to. Thus, it is much easier to drink this whiskey neat. Smooth whiskey might also contain flavors such as honey, blueberry, apple, or anything else that might help make it sweeter.

Whether a whiskey will be smooth or not mostly depends on the grain used for its distillation. For example, whiskeys made of wheat are usually somewhat sweeter and lighter than those that contain other grains.

Whiskey can also be made lighter via blending. In this process, different flavorings, sweeteners, and other blending agents are added to the liquid. As a result, the spirit becomes milder, and it is easier on your tongue.

Finally, whether a whiskey will be smooth also depends on the place and duration of its maturation. Whiskeys left to sit in oak casks are usually the smoothest. However, other choices might help it taste sweeter, such as sherry casks. Regardless of the cask material, the longer the whiskey is left there, the softer it will become.

7 Smoothest Whiskey for You

1. Balvenie Doublewood Whiskey


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If you are a beginner when it comes to drinking whiskey and would like something mild and sweet to start with, this one will be a perfect pick. This brand lets the whiskey sit for 12 years in an ex-bourbon cask. The time lets it become as soft as it can get, while the cask adds flavors that other whiskeys on the market can’t offer.

When you drink this spirit, you can taste soft undertones of vanilla, nuts, cinnamon, and nutmeg. So, it is best to drink it neat and enjoy all the rich flavors it offers.

2. The Glendronach Allardice Whiskey


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This whiskey is a fantastic choice if you love fruity flavors in your liquor. The manufacturer lets the whiskey age for eighteen years and adds flavors that resemble rum, pineapple, blueberry, maple syrup, and brown sugar.

All of these flavors develop and mature as the whiskey sits in its cask. The casks are ones that used to contain Spanish Orlosso Sherry, which is what contributes to how tasty the whiskey is.

3. Suntory Hakushu Whiskey


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Suntory Hakushu is a Japanese whiskey distillery, and it makes some of the most expensive picks on this list. However, the price makes a lot of sense when you consider their quality.

This whiskey has a smooth aroma that combines cut hay, almonds, barrel char, and toasted barley. This grassy and earthy combination makes it one of the best whiskeys to drink straight.

4. Johnnie Walker Red Label Scotch Whiskey

Johnnie Walker

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This whiskey is a fantastic choice if you want high-quality liquor but don’t want to spend a fortune to get it. The Red Label Whiskey is smooth thanks to the mini wheat it is made of.

If you sniff this spirit before taking a sip, you’ll immediately notice the distinct aroma of crème brûlée, which is what this whiskey is famous for. This aroma mixes beautifully with the usual ashy taste of scotch.

5. Powers Gold Label Whiskey


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This whiskey is a complete blend of different pot whiskies that have been distilled three times for richer flavor. Still, as complex as the production process is, the whiskey is easy on the tongue and can indeed compete for the title of the smoothest whiskey out there.

This spirit has a golden honey color, and you can taste undertones of apples, pears, nutmeg, and pineapple in it. It has a rather creamy and rich aftertaste where all of these flavors mix together and explode in your mouth.

6. George Dickel Bottled In Bond

George Dickel

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Made in Tennessee, this whiskey has to sit in a barrel for 13 years before it can go on the market. That ensures the liquor has a rich flavor and isn’t as harsh.

What makes this whiskey smooth is the fact that the manufacturer filters it through maple charcoal. After removing all the impurities, the company gets whiskey with a unique flavor that no one in the industry can match.

The whiskey also has soft undertones of vanilla, candied pecans, blood orange, apples, and cinnamon sugar. These make it one of the sweetest picks on this list.

7. The Sexton Single Malt Irish Whiskey

Sexton Single

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The Sexton Single Malt Irish Whiskey is made of 100% pure barley. What’s more, the manufacturer distills it three times in copper before letting them sit and age in sherry casks.

The maturation process gives this whiskey the nutty, creamy, and tangy taste that it is famous for. When you sip it, you can taste faint notes of honeycomb, orange, and cinnamon, which make for a wonderful combination. The fact that it is so soft and sweet allows you to drink it neat.

How to Drink the Smoothest Whiskey


Now that you can go out and find the smoothest whiskey for yourself, it is time to learn how to drink it. Doing so is essential, especially if you are a beginner. The sections that follow will break it all down for you.

  • Start Small

If you aren’t really into whiskey in general and this will be your first venture into drinking it, it is best to start with a small sip to see how you react. Although the whiskey will be softer than usual, it is still harsh alcohol, and you need to be ready for that.

So, pour a few sips only, and then start increasing the dose as time passes and you learn to appreciate the taste. Moreover, don’t add ice or anything else to your glass. These whiskeys are meant to be drunk neat, as that is how you will enjoy them best. If you really want ice, add it the second time you drink the whiskey. For the first experience, keep it neat.

  • Choose Your Drinking Glass Wisely

Not many people know that the glass they choose for whiskey can influence its flavor and taste as well. You should always go for a glass that doesn’t have too wide of a mouth. That way, all the aromas will stay within the glass and make your drinking experience much richer in flavor.

  • Swirling Is Vital

Once you select your glass and pour the whiskey, swirl it a few times. Swirling isn’t just something people do to appear cool. In fact, it is what helps all the aromas in the liquor mix, thus making the whiskey taste exactly like the manufacturers intended it to.

Now, remember that swirling the whiskey does not entail shaking the glass violently so that the liquor can spill. Just gently sway the glass from side to side and let the liquid move around softly. It will be enough to achieve everything you read about above.

  • Let It Rest

After swirling the whiskey, let it rest for a minute or two. That will let all the flavors blend well, and the aromas will be able to rise to the top of the glass and enrich your drinking experience even further.

  • The First Sip

After letting your drink sit, you should bring the glass to your lips. First, take a sniff. In most cases, you will only be able to smell alcohol the first time you do it. That is normal because you will be using your nose only.

Bring the glass even closer to your mouth, and inhale the contents both with your nose and your mouth, which you should keep slightly open. At this point, you will finally taste all the distinct flavors and get that familiar buzzy feeling.

And then, finally, you get to take your first sip of the smoothest whiskey. Be careful not to take a big swing out of the glass, as that could be overwhelming. Just keep it simple, and you will get to enjoy the whiskey completely.

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