soju etiquette in singapore

Soju Etiquette to Consider When in Singapore

Soju is one of the most popular drinks all throughout Korea. This great drink has taken the world by storm and has become popular in many other places as well. In Singapore, soju is readily available at most of the Korean markets and liquor stores located throughout the city. There are a few things that you should consider when you shop soju in Singapore.


There are several popular brands of soju found throughout Singapore. The top three brands are Good Day, Chum Churum, and Jinro. If you are new to drinking soju, sticking with one of these three brands is a good idea as they have the most flavors and you really know what you are getting.

Most of the time someone will recommend one of the flavors that these brands offer as the fruity flavors are some of the most popular choices. These offer a smooth flavor that is quite easy on the palate. Many Korean restaurants and bars will have several different types available.


As mentioned, there are many great flavors of soju available. Strawberry, peach, watermelon, plum, pomegranate, peach, and many other fruit flavors are available for you to try.

You should know that many of the fruit flavors will go down quite smoothly and make for a great summer drink on a hot night. You can find places that sell many of the fruit flavors and you can often mix and match and get a few bottles to enjoy.

Alcohol Content

Another important thing to consider when you are purchasing soju is the alcohol content. While most soju has a lower alcohol content than vodka, this drink is still pretty strong. Some types of soju will have an alcohol content as low as 16 percent, but most of the varieties have over 20 percent or higher.

Make sure that you look at the bottle so that you know exactly what you are getting before you start drinking. It can be quite easy to go overboard when drinking soju because it goes down so easily.


When it comes to drinking soju at a bar or restaurant, it is important to know that there is proper etiquette that you should observe. Korea, similar to many Asian countries, values and respects their elders. This not only spills over into everyday life, but also in the way they behave when they are drinking.

If you are out drinking with friends or colleagues, the most senior person in age or rank should be the one that pours the first drinks. However, after the first drinks, the youngest person should take over making sure that empty glasses are being refilled throughout the evening.

When pouring soju, it is important to use both hands. Typically, one hand will hold the bottle and the other hand will be on the chest or elbow while pouring. If the bottle is large, you can use both hands to pour drinks. When receiving your drink, you should take it with both hands as well. If you are the oldest person in the group, you can raise your glass with just one hand.

When clinking your glasses make sure that yours stays lower than that of your seniors. You should turn and face away when you are drinking in order to be polite.


Overall, soju is a wonderful drink that is meant to be enjoyed with friends and family. When you are out drinking with your colleagues it is important to keep some of the etiquette in mind. However, if you are out with your very close friends you do not have to follow all of the rules as closely.

The longer the night goes on, the fewer rules that are typically followed. If you are ever in doubt about what you should do, just remember to respect the eldest or highest-ranking member of your group and to always keep your glass lower than theirs.

Do not refill a glass that is not empty, and turn away when you are taking a drink. You should always drink the first pour in one gulp. If you do these things you will likely have a fun night without disrespecting anyone.

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