The Best Modern Solutions To Hair Loss

solutions to hair loss
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As hair loss is a common experience among men over the years, many studies have been conducted to find hair loss solutions. Various factors cause hair loss. Genetics, stressful events, hormonal imbalance, medical conditions, medication, and more can cause hair loss. Due to having multiple factors driving it, studies have been conducted for different causes to find the most effective treatment for a particular reason.

Up to this day, here are some of the solutions that are known as the best modern ones that address hair loss:

Over-the-counter and prescribed drugs


Finasteride (Propecia, Proscar) is a prescription drug that you can take every day. This is known as one of the most effective hair loss treatments. You can confirm it with this story sharing successful finasteride results. It works by blocking DHT production, which causes a decrease in the growth cycle of hair follicles. Once DHT production stops or decreases, hair loss can be prevented while hair regrowth will be stimulated.


Minoxidil is an effective hair loss treatment used to reduce and reverse male-pattern baldness. You don’t need a prescription for a doctor to avail of this. It dilates blood vessels to allow nutrient-rich blood supply to increase in hair follicles. This boosts hair density and regrowth. It also extends the growth phase of one’s hair cycle. Moreover, minoxidil can also increase your follicle size and hair diameter to have fuller and thicker hair.

Studies have shown that the combination of minoxidil and finasteride, which is proven to be safe, is one of the best and most effective hair loss solutions.

Laser Treatment

According to a recent study in 2016, low-level laser therapy effectively and safely treats male pattern hair loss.

Hair Transplants

Hair transplants are one of the most popular solutions to hair loss. The two known transplant procedures are:

Follicular unit extraction

Follicular unit extraction removes hair follicles from the scalp directly and transplants it to the scalp’s bald spots.

Follicular unit transplant

In this type of transplant procedure, surgeons remove a strip of skin from the back part of your scalp where the hair is abundant. The hair follicles in this strip are then removed and reinserted into the regions with excessive hair loss.

Although hair transplants are classic options, the downside is that it is expensive and possibly painful.

Change in Lifestyle

A more natural treatment for hair loss is avoiding habits that negatively affect your health. You may not know it, but smoking can contribute to hair loss. On the other hand, you should learn positive lifestyle habits to prevent hair loss by having a balanced diet.

Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins can promote full and thick hair as vitamins and minerals that can be found in these have been proven to contribute to having healthy hair.

Furthermore, adding exercise and other relaxing activities to your daily routine can prevent hair loss as they reduce stress. Stress is one of the most common causes of hair loss. By reducing stress, you avoid developing telogen effluvium or hair loss due to stress.

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