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Sour Space Candy: One Of Many In A Relatively New Market

Most products known to the public in the CBD industry extract from the hemp plant’s flower in various forms. The results are oils, tinctures, edibles, topicals, and a variety of different products in the health, wellness, and even beauty platforms.

The least known form for consumption is the whole hemp flower with its multiple strains, the most potent of which boasts as being Sour Space Candy. With the bud’s broad range of strains comes unusual terpenes providing differing taste and aroma experiences for the individual options.

Look here for guidance on how to choose a strain. Sour space candy does not fail in the satisfaction capacity with its immediate onslaught of cherry flavors and candied apple backup and an intense aroma noted to carry you through to the end of consumption.

Although the CBD buds are relatively new on the market and the least known product to consumers, the option is quickly catching on with the demand for the natural form of CBD in the dried hemp flower on the rise.

High CBD Hemp Flower Strains

Of most importance to users of CBD is the therapeutic component, though, many who enjoy the dried hemp flower are also finding recreational pleasure with the bud.

One key component for users is getting CBD in the full spectrum capacity from the flower. The hemp bud, laced with high quantities of CBD offers other beneficial cannabinoids like CBG, CBN, and CBC, plus terpenes and chemical elements inclusive of mere trace levels of THC meant to complement the effects of CBD properties.

The chemical components comprising the bud come together in what the official community calls the “entourage effect.” They work synergistically to bring results that show enhanced properties for each individual element, but specifically CBD, enhancing the compounds effects.

The terpenes in the individual strains provide users with the aroma and taste unique to each option. The individual choices offer their own potency, flavor, smell, and overall experience. Even the appearances with the various vibrant colorings are unusual and enticing. These are not unique to hemp, though, Marijuana and the hemp bud share all these qualities identically.

Differences Between Marijuana And Hemp

While hemp and marijuana strains are virtually indistinguishable from each other, there are key differences. Find out here if cannabidiol can increase your appetite as using marijuana often does. You might find a similarly flavored strain in marijuana to remind you of Sour Space Candy, but that strain will get you high and the actual genuine hemp version will not.

While the hemp bud doesn’t have any of the natural components eliminated, the flower is naturally high in CBD and exceptionally low in THC.

THC is the psychoactive element in marijuana creating euphoria with consumption. While CBD relaxes the user, there is no intoxication.

In fact, CBD boasts counteracting severe side effects experienced from too much THC consumption. Encouragement for users who overindulge to take CBD to stave off paranoia and anxiety is common.

Many people are turning to smoking CBD as an alternative to using THC-laced marijuana to avoid adverse reactions. The users prefer the pleasure without the psychoactive results. Plus, you get benefits towards health and wellness, which are CBD’s most influential character traits.


High CBD hemp buds are still a relatively new concept. As you would with all CBD products, you need to start slowly to see how you react and allow your body to acclimate. From that point, you can gradually build up over time as you reach your goal.

Sour Space Candy is merely one of a wide variety of strains available on the market with different potencies, flavors, and aromas. View this site to check out the buds. The strain does count among the most potent, however, with an exceptionally high CBD count. You will not need a high dose of the product but follow manufacturer and doctor guidelines for accuracy.

You might find a strain that does not work well for you. A good practice in the beginning is to take advantage of samplers. Some suppliers offer packages like these where you can try a few until you run into the one that is right. You can also buy high-quality hemp seeds and cultivate them yourself.

But even then, it’s wise to switch it up periodically instead of using it continuously and then go back to it. The idea is to have a good time with high CBD strains while you are reaping benefits from the compound’s properties.

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