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How To Enjoy Spending Time With Your Partner

In today’s busy schedules among career-oriented couples, finding time for each other has been a great challenge. Sometimes, you would find it sad when you realized that you are too driven by work and forgot that you have a partner to be with. It is even more painful when the relationship inevitably becomes affected. As a result, you would have to deal with cold shoulders and dull intimacy.

So, to avoid such predicaments, go spend some quality time with your partner. The most effective way to do that is to find things that would be enjoyable and worthwhile doing. Here is a list of possible things that you and your partner can do together and keep your love burning.

Keep The Intimacy Burning

Sex is something that you can both enjoy for the day. Let’s face it, it is one of the foundations of a healthy relationship and definitely a valuable bonding option to have as a couple. You can even spice it up a bit more if you’re creative.

You can’t just give your best foreplay or your best blowjob every single time, right? Why not try something new like incorporating adult toys or discovering new positions. By doing so, your level of intimacy will increase significantly, thus, making your bond as strong as ever.

Go For An Adventure

Another way to enjoy your time together is to go for an adventure. You can go camping, fishing, mountain climbing, or just go somewhere far from the city. Doing these kinds of stuff makes both of you more attuned to each other.

There are also many other adventurous things and places that you can try, may it be extreme or just something new to both of you. What you should do is to choose one that suits you.

Do A Movie Date

Movie dates are never out of style. It always has some sort of a “mandatory” vibe when it comes to things a couple must do at least once in a while. Watching movies together gives you something to talk about. Perhaps, it gives you lessons to learn or something to laugh about.

General Cleaning Bonding

Spending time together on household chores can be fun. If you guys lack the time for each other because there is a bunch of cleaning to do, why not hit two birds in one stone? You can both clean the house while enjoying doing it.

Imagine passing the broom, moving the sofa, washing the dishes, and the like while trying to tease each other. Nothing but sweats and smiles. Who would have thought that doing chores can be that fun?

Get Physically Fit Together

Another worthwhile bonding would be working out together. Not only do you get to be physically healthy, but also you get to enjoy being together. You can jog together, make sprints, push-ups, routines, etc. The bottom line is that you both are getting fit, and more importantly, you are enjoying it while being healthy and on each other’s side.

Teach What You Know That The Other Doesn’t

Whatever the other doesn’t know, and you do, try to let your partner learn it from you. It is considered a different form of love. It might not be well appreciated most of the time but giving knowledge to your partner is like showing that you care for them.Thus, it makes them happy, which gives you a feeling of bliss and joy.

Try An Exciting Game

Being playful around each other is something that you need to do from time to time. Board games and card games can do the trick. To level it up, you can do a reward and consequence mechanic. You can do hide-and-seek, water gun battles, or solve a jigsaw puzzle. Take time to play exciting games, and your time together is going to be worthwhile.

Read Books Together

You might find it old school, but some people enjoy reading books. If your partner happens to be a book lover, try to dwell in that world and read books together. Doing something that your partner loves to do gives off a vibe that you care for the small stuff that they do.

You can also compare reading books to watching movies. You get to wander through your imaginations and talk about each other’s interpretations.


Life outside relationships is deemed too busy, especially when you have a career with a hectic schedule. Finding time to spend with your partner was almost always compromised. Therefore, it is necessary that you allocate time to accompany your beloved in doing things as a couple.

When you already have the time, the next question is, “how do we enjoy it together?” The answer depends on your willingness to commit. Give your partner enough attention and commitment then go the extra mile on finding quality time for the both of you. While you’re at it, find ways to spice up your relationship such as using adult toys, which would surely heighten up both pleasures.

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