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Reasons Why You May Split a Large PDF File

Whether you’re looking for personal use or professional, sending PDF files can be a requirement for anyone. However, sending large PDFs is cumbersome, which is why you may want to split them before sending.

What is a PDF?

A PDF, or Portable Document Format, has been around since its invention by Adobe in 1991. Today, PDF has become the ultimate file format and digital standard for all global businesses.

PDFs are a great way to send and share documents directly to another person and around the world. PDFs come in a standard digital format and size and are extremely popular for their wide-ranging options.

PDFs have great security options, can be translated into thousands of languages, and reduced in file size.

You may want to compress a PDF to reduce file size for a variety of reasons. You can reduce the file size by removing images or textual content or simply breaking up the file into different parts.

Here are several benefits to splitting a PDF:

Benefits of Splitting a PDF

Faster Emailing

Say you’re about to send an important email and need to attach a large file. You’ll probably either get a message that the file is too large to send or attach and experience an extremely long sending time.

In addition, if your network is slow, your email may get even more delayed, which could interrupt an important workflow. Luckily, compressing a PDF to attach to an email can help to send it out faster.

In addition, your end-user will be able to download the PDF faster and even respond if they need to.

Save Storage Space

Large PDFs can take up a lot of space on a storage server. If you have unlimited storage, this won’t be an issue, but if your phone or computer has space restrictions, you’ll definitely want to reduce s PDFs file size where you can.

Split PDF files are a great and easy way to preserve storage, and luckily, with Adobe Acrobat, the splitting process is easy and simple.

Reduced Server Load

Large files already take a long time to send and can take even longer if your server is old, strained, or has issues connecting to the internet. This can cause critical issues to your productivity and deadlines.

If your server is working poorly, try and reduce PDF files sizes and save yourself (and others using the server) a lot of time and energy.

Faster Load Times

If you’re actually trying to open a PDF after receiving it, you may be in for a long wait time, depending on the file size. If you have high-speed internet, this will help, but you’re most likely still going to experience some buffering.

In addition, if you’re in an area where your reception or service is spotty, or if you’re trying to open the file on a mobile device, visibility and speed will suffer.

Always aim to get your PDF size reduced, so only the essential information is included. Reducing PDF size is not only easy but comes with many benefits. Adobe Acrobat is a great tool to split PDFs seamlessly.

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