stay connected with your college age child

How to Stay Connected with Your College Age Child

While you are likely proud of your child for going to college, it is always hard to have them leave at the end of each break. You may wonder what they have been up to and whether they miss you as well. While many college students don’t openly tell their parents how much they miss them, they will still appreciate your efforts to stay in touch. There are plenty of ways to stay connected, no matter how far away your child is.

Check in with Them about Their Finances

Even if your child is working hard to pay their own way, they may struggle with money. When you connect with them, ask how they are doing financially to see if there is anything you can do to help them out. That could be anything from giving their bank account an extra boost to helping them get a student loan.

Because your child will likely not be able to pay the entire cost of their tuition on their own, they will most likely need to get a student loan at some point. You can help them out by being a cosigner on their loan. If you are thinking about this option, you can review a guide with more information on whether you should cosign and what you need to know.

Keep Track of Their Schedule

When your child is on their own in school, they are creating their own routine of studying, going to class, and being with their new friends. Understanding what their schedule is like can help you find the time to stay in touch with them. If you know they aren’t studying or in class, you won’t have to feel like you are interrupting them. While you may want them to answer your calls as soon as they can, it is good for them to learn how to manage their time. College is a big life step, and this is a time for them to learn how to be their own person.

Take Advantage of Video

Technology has made it much easier to receive and send videos, and this is extremely helpful for parents of college students. Videos can take your child back home much more than a voice call or text message. They can see their siblings, beloved pets, or spots in their hometown. It doesn’t even have to be a video call. There are apps that allow you to record and send a video message from the app, and your child can open and view the video whenever they have the chance.

Send Your Child Care Packages

Parents have been sending college care packages for years, but that doesn’t mean it’s an outdated way of staying in touch. In fact, care packages can help you stay connected in a new way, and they can remind your child of home. Think of personal touches you can add that your child will enjoy. Maybe they miss your homemade Saturday morning pancakes, or maybe they mentioned something in a previous conversation, and you can send that item to them.

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