stepping up your fashion game

Stepping Up Your Fashion Game in 5 Steps

Taking your fashion to the next level is all about how you prioritize fashion. It is unlikely that fashion will be the top priority in your life, and that is all well and good, but if you don’t put time and care into your fashion, and perhaps more so than the average person, you might not achieve the level-up you’re going for in your fashion. Here, we break down five key steps to step up your fashion game like never before.

1. Shop At Thrift Stores

Whether inspired by modern fashion or fashion trends of decades past, you can find it all at thrift stores. Style yourself forward by incorporating previous trends and today’s trends together. If you’re out of fashion ideas, head to your local thrift stores for fashion inspiration. You can find vintage steals at gently-used thrift stores and consignment shops.

2. Get Your Creativity Going

Stepping up your fashion game will require that you become more creative yourself. You can’t expect fashion ideas to come to you out of nowhere. Get yourself in a headspace that allows you to think more creatively about fashion and how to take your style up a notch.

Start creating a fashion inspiration notebook. Cut out pictures of styles you like, take notes on what you might add or take away, and become a fashion designer. Scroll through apps like Pinterest and Instagram to pull style inspiration from online and create a mood board of all the looks that suit your “vibe.” If you’ve found the best mary janes, see if you can take things a step further and develop ways to improve them. Your creativity will spark new ideas to level up your fashion.

3. Look For Inspiration

Inspiration is everywhere. Keep an eye out for slow fashion inspiration in places you might not expect to find it. A lot of people who enjoy leisurely shopping at the mall are fashion-minded.

You can find inspiration to step up your fashion by paying attention to who is around you. Take note of any fashion inspiration you acquire and create new looks with these ideas.

4. Ask Your Friends

Collaboration is underrated, and working with others to achieve goals can be incredibly effective in making things happen. If you want to step up your fashion game:

• Ask your friends what they like about fashion.

• Think about their styles and your own, and find ways to blend them; the inspiring and creative looks you come up with will be unique and specific to you and your friends.

• Work together to establish a more decisive style this year.

5.  Prepare Your Outfit The Night Before

Another way to step up your fashion game is to plan out your outfit and get it ready to go the night before. Consider picking out your outfit as part of your nightly routine.

By giving yourself enough time to plan for what you want to wear the next day, you can make more thoughtful fashion choices that reflect the step up you want for your fashion.

You can even make this practice an entire ritual if you enjoy routines. Put on some music to get the vibes right, and create an outfit that reflects your mood.

Elevate Your Fashion Game

Elevating your fashion sense is possible if you make it your mission to continue to search for fashion creativity everywhere. From being your own designer to ask your friends for ideas, there is always a way to gather fashion inspiration. Step up your fashion game by considering the five steps above.

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