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What Are The 3 Basic Steps to Take During A Fire Emergency?

We never know what’s going to happen next in our lives, thus it’s better to be prepared for emergency situations beforehand to minimize the potential damages. Well, as citizens we should know the basic steps to be taken at the time of fire emergency but as for the professional training regarding how to deal with such situations more effectively, fire warden training helps to figure out the best escape plan quickly while keeping yourself along with the others as safe as possible.

In addition to this, following are the three basic steps to be taken at the time of a fire emergency:

1. Call for help

As soon as you see a fire, it’s best to first press the fire alarms for everyone to be aware of the situation in case the fire alarms need to be activated manually. Next, it’s very important to inform the relevant departments who are professionals in this field for help. This can be done by calling the rescue teams. If help is called early on, it can reduce major damage to a minimum.

2. Stay in the moment

Do not let the surrounding environment, like fire, smoke, and screaming of people affect you. Try to keep yourself calm and focused, as this will help you get out of dangerous situations quickly. Panic will only make everything worse.

Besides yourself, try to calm down the others around you, especially if you see someone having a panic attack, help them. If you see an injured person, and you are able to help them, do your best until the medical team arrives. Just stay in the moment and try to figure out the escape route.

3. Evacuate the building

While trying to evacuate the building, make sure to help other people around you. Remember that elevators should never be used in such emergency evacuation situations. Use the nearest stairway following the exit signs and also make sure no one trips on the stairs in a hurry as this will make the evacuation process more time-consuming.

The last person exiting should close the door behind them to limit the spread of fire. If possible, try to switch off any electric or gas switches along the way.

Although everyone should be aware of the basic steps that should be taken in case of a fire emergency ahead of time to reduce the hazards, at times the situation becomes quite alarming that it seems impossible to take such steps.

No matter how well you know these steps or the exit routes of the building, sudden brain fog may make you think that there’s absolutely no chance of escaping. Therefore, sometimes it’s better to stay inside the building in the safest place when you feel trapped and are unable to evacuate yourself out of the building. You can follow a few of these steps until a rescue team reaches to help you out:

  • Stay low, to escape the smoke.
  • Try to move to the area with windows.
  • If the mobile network is not available, try to send a signal of help through the window.
  • Close the doors to prevent additional smoke from getting into the room and worsening your breathing.
  • Close all the gaps in the door.
  • Use windows for escape only if it is safe.
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