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Most Successful NFL Franchises

The National Football League has a long and impressive history in the United States, and it has emerged as the most popular sport by a mile. Even though different teams tend to win the Super Bowl, there are some teams with a much deeper history than most.

When looking at the NFL odds each week, it’s important to remember that these five franchises historically win the most amount of games. These teams aren’t always going to be great every season, but they have a pretty good amount of history to back them up.

Success can be measured in a number of different ways, but winning matters when it comes to the NFL. These teams lead the way in winning percentage, and there have also been some Super Bowl titles mixed in.

Green Bay Packers

It seems like every year the Green Bay Packers are a popular team to wager on at BetUS, and that is for good reason. Green Bay not only has been a dominant team in the 21st century, but the Packers have the best winning percentage all-time in the NFL.

Green Bay has won nearly 57 percent of their games since entering the NFL, and they were one of the first teams in the NFL. The Packers have also been great when it mattered most, winning four Super Bowls in five appearances.

Green Bay is especially tough to beat at Lambeau Field, one of the most storied stadiums in the league.

Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys are commonly referred to as “America’s Team,” and they are so popular because they are a team that always seems to have success. Dallas and Green Bay are neck-and-neck when it comes to winning percentage, but the Cowboys haven’t been around nearly as long.

The Cowboys are another team that has been able to translate regular season success into championships. Dallas has appeared in a total of eight Super Bowls and they have won five of those matchups.

Baltimore Ravens

The Baltimore Ravens are the newest franchise on this list as they just went over the 400 games played mark in 2021. Despite being a newer team, it’s clear that the Baltimore franchise is one of the most successful in league history.

The overall winning percentage for Baltimore is just over 56 percent as they have racked up more than 225 total wins. Baltimore has appeared in a pair of Super Bowl games in the 21st century and they are a perfect 2-0 in those games.

Chicago Bears

Perhaps the most storied franchise in NFL history is the Chicago Bears. Playing in the city of Chicago has helped the Bears become such a prominent franchise, but this team has also been extremely successful throughout history.

The Bears have played over 1,400 games in team history, and they have posted a winning percentage of over 56 percent. Chicago is closing in on 800 all-time wins, and are in a tight race with the Green Bay Packers to be first to get there.

The lone Super Bowl championship for the Bears came during the 1985 season and featured one of the best teams in NFL history.

New England Patriots

If making a Super Bowl futures wager at BetUS from 2000-2019, a bet on the New England Patriots was usually a good play. New England won six Super Bowl titles during that span to finally end a long drought for the franchise.

The period of dominance in the 21st century from the Patriots has elevated New England into one of the five most successful franchises in league history. New England has a winning percentage of over 56 percent, and is closing in on 950 games played.

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