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Ways To Surprise Someone With Gifts

If your friend or a family member has an upcoming birthday, you might want to surprise them. However, it can be challenging to think of ways to surprise them, especially when we’re keeping our distance during the pandemic. Luckily, if you are creative, you can find the perfect gift without breaking the bank.

Best Gift Ideas

Consider sending a flower subscription box, which is something your loved one can enjoy all year round. If you want to say “Happy Birthday” with flowers to really show you care, you can find a guide on the top 10 types of popular birthday flowers. It discusses why they are popular, what they are, and any special meanings associated with them.

Another idea is to give them a special note – not just a traditional birthday card, either. Write them a letter or small note and either mail it or give it to your friend in-person. Don’t just stick to the usual birthday messages, either. You can show you care by taking the time to write a personalized letter about what they mean to you.

Giving them something more personal like a collectible from their favorite movie or getting them the new book from their favorite novel series, or some gift ideas for their love for Minecraft, will make them feel more special. It gets to show how you pay attention to them and how you know them.

Showing Them They are Special

A gift doesn’t have to be something you can wrap up in a pretty box, although it can be. Your time is also a gift, so think of ways to use it for your loved one. You could offer them a special breakfast if you live in the same household. There is nothing like walking into the kitchen to find a memorable meal waiting. What are their favorite foods?

For example, homemade pancakes, eggs, or muffins are all great starting points. Don’t forget about beverages, like tea, coffee, or hot chocolate. You might have to get up a little earlier to have all the foods ready, or you could try preparing things the night before and warm them up in the morning. Put the tray of food and a special note at their place for them to find in the morning.

Another way to show you care is by decorating their space as a surprise. Fill your loved one’s car, closet, or another area with balloons, so they are showered in them. You can also decorate their bedroom door with streamers and balloons. You can write notes on the balloons if you have time, like why they matter to you.

You could also collect letters or cards from friends. Ask each person to send a particular joke, memory, well wish, or other messages. Then you can put these messages on sticky notes to decorate your loved one’s room or additional space. Pick several colors to make it pretty and festive.

Create a Birthday in a Can

If you want to give a creative yet inexpensive gift, create a birthday in a can. Get a tin can and remove any sharp edges. You could place washi tape or other decorations over the sharp portions. Then fill it with small gifts, streamers, candy, and other fun goodies. Include simple yet personalized items, such as a customized phone case, mug, T-shirt, and socks for more surprises. They’ll be super thrilled to open your gift!

Once you have filled the can, close it, and decorate the outside. You can use sequins, ribbon, fun accents, glitter, or other fun things to decorate a piece of colored paper. Then glue the paper around the outside of the can.

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