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30 The Greatest Showman Quotes: All the Shine of a Thousand Spotlights…

As anyone who knows me will tell you, Broadway soundtracks are pretty much all I listen to. So when I heard that Hugh Jackman had made it his life’s mission to star in a musical about nineteenth-century showman P. T. Barnum, I was intrigued! After seeing the movie in theaters too many times to count, I finally downloaded the soundtrack. But if you’re not as obsessed with this movie as I am, The Greatest Showman quotes on my list may spark your interest.

As a Broadway buff, I feel compelled to point out that the songwriters for this movie also wrote the lyrics for La La Land and the hit Broadway show Dear Evan Hansen. However, even their lyrics wouldn’t be much without the soulful performances from an all-star cast, which includes Hugh Jackman, Michelle Williams, Zendaya Coleman, Zac Efron, and many others. So let’s see what kind of movie we get when all of these stars align!

30 The Greatest Showman Quotes About Spectacular Success, Loss, and Love

How It All Went Down: The Greatest Showman Quotes

#1. “This venture you propose is risky and somewhat bizarre.”

“It’s a good bet is what it is. Sir, people don’t want to admit it, but they’re fascinated with the exotic and the macabre. It’s why we stare at it.” — The bank manager and P. T. Barnum

#2. “Well, they’re laughing anyway, kid, so might as well get paid.” — P. T. Barnum

#3. “Trust me, they don’t know it yet, but they’re going to love you.” — P. T. Barnum

#4. “The noblest art is that of making others happy.” — P. T. Barnum

#5. “Tell me, Mr. Barnum, does it bother you that everything you’re selling is fake?”

“Do these smiles seem fake? It doesn’t matter where they come from. The joy is real.” — James Gordon Bennett and P. T. Barnum

#6. “Mr. Bennett, when was the last time you smiled? Or had a good laugh? A real laugh. A theater critic who can’t find joy in the theater. Now, who is the fraud?” — P. T. Barnum

#7. “Putting folks of all kinds on stage with you. All colors, shapes, sizes… Presenting them as equals. Why, another critic might have even called it a celebration of humanity.” — James Gordon Bennett

#8. “For years and years

I chased their cheers

The crazy speed of always needing more

But when I stop

And see you here

I remember who all this was for.” — P. T. Barnum

#9. “The show must go on.” — P. T. Barnum

A Loving Companion: The Greatest Showman Quotes by Charity Barnum

#10. “However big, however small

Let me be part of it all

Share your dreams with me

You may be right, you may be wrong

But say that you’ll bring me along

To the world you see

To the world I close my eyes to see.” — Charity Barnum

#11. “This is not the life I promised you. Not even close.”

“But I have everything I want.” — P. T. and Charity Barnum

#12. “I wish for happiness like this forever.” — Charity Barnum

#13. “Some people long for a life that is simple and planned

Tied with a ribbon

Some people won’t sail the sea ’cause they’re safer on land

To follow what’s written

But I’d follow you to the great unknown

Off to a world we call our own.” — Charity Barnum

#14. “New York society will never accept us. If they did, they’d have to stop judging and actually do something with their lives.” — Charity Barnum

#15. “You don’t need everyone to love you, Phin. Just a few good people.” — Charity Barnum

A Dependable Partner: The Greatest Showman Quotes About Phillip Carlyle’s Role

#16. “So come join the circus. You clearly have a flair for show business. Teach me how to appeal to the highbrows.”

“Are you serious? Mr. Barnum, I can’t just run off and join the circus.”

“Why not? Sounds thrilling, doesn’t it?

“Let’s just say that I find it much more comfortable admiring your show from afar.”

“Comfort — the enemy of progress.” — P. T. Barnum and Phillip Carlyle

#17. “Now I admire you, and that whole show you do

You’re onto something, really it’s something

But I live among the swells, and we don’t pick up peanut shells

I’ll have to leave that up to you.” — Phillip Carlyle

#18. “And what is your act, Mr. Carlyle?”

“I don’t have an act.”

“Everyone’s got an act.” — Anne Wheeler and Phillip Carlyle

#19. “You claim it’s not in the cards

And fate is pulling you miles away

And out of reach from me

But you’re here in my heart

So who can stop me if I decide

That you’re my destiny?” — Phillip Carlyle

#20. “Anne? They’re small-minded people. Why do you care what they think?”

“It’s not just them. You’ve never had somebody look at you the way your parents looked at me. The way everyone would look at us.” — Phillip Carlyle and Anne Wheeler

#21. “How do we rewrite the stars?

Say you were made to be mine?

Nothing can keep us apart

Cause you are the one I was meant to find.” — Phillip Carlyle and Anne Wheeler

#22. “You’re risking everything you’ve built here.”

“Well, how do you think I built it?” — Phillip Carlyle and P. T. Barnum

The Greatest Showman Quotes About Letting Your Imagination Run Wild and Embracing What Makes You Unique

#23. “A man’s station is only limited by his imagination.” — Jenny Lind

#24. “Every night I lie in bed, the brightest colors fill my head

A million dreams are keeping me awake.” — P. T. Barnum

#25. “We can live in a world that we design.” — P. T. Barnum

#26. “Hyperbole isn’t the worst crime. Men suffer more from imagining too little than too much.” — P. T. Barnum

#27. “No one ever made a difference by being like everyone else.” — P. T. Barnum

#28. “You are so talented, blessed. Extraordinary. Unique. I would even say beautiful.”

“Sir, please leave me alone.”

“They don’t understand, but they will.” — P. T. Barnum to Lettie Lutz

#29. “I won’t let them break me down to dust

I know that there’s a place for us

For we are glorious.” — Lettie Lutz

#30. “I am brave, I am bruised

I am who I’m meant to be. This is me.” — Lettie Lutz

To Conclude

Did this movie take a few creative liberties with the life and likeness of P. T. Barnum? Most assuredly so. But did I still adore every minute of it? Absolutely!

We don’t need to make excuses for ourselves. After all, we can enjoy the movie while also knowing the sordid backstory of the person it’s about. If anything, it makes it that much more impressive that it inspired a wholesome, uplifting story and a handful of catchy tunes. So whenever you feel the need to forget about the real world and escape into a fantasy, The Greatest Showman quotes on my list will take you there.

Image Source: The Greatest Showman Japan Premiere Red Carpet by Dick Thomas Johnson – Under Creative Commons License

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