Helpful Tips for a First Time Cat Owner

tips for cat owner
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If you are looking for a pet, a cat can be a great addition to your family. These furry creatures are amazing roommates and can bring plenty of joy and happiness to you and your loved ones.

Unlike dogs they don’t have to be walked every day, they are in charge of their own bathing, and are exceptionally tidy. However, if you wish to buy or adopt a cat, there are some things you should keep in mind. 

Find your match

Keep in mind that not all cats are the same, and every breed has different characteristics. Therefore, do your research before you make up your mind and find a cat that will suit you and your lifestyle. If you are adopting one from a shelter, ask people who work there and care for the cats about their temper.

Some cats are completely laidback, some are always in the mood to play and there are those that will scratch your eyes out if you pet them in a way they do not like (avoid these if you have kids). Also, if you already have a dog or some other pet, see which cats get along well with other animals. 

Friendly pheromones to the rescue

Even when you adopt a cat that is usually very friendly and calm, it can be stressed out by a new environment. With cat calming products you can make this transition easier for your new friend. For example, a diffuser that dispenses an odorless vapor that imitates feline facial pheromone can soothe your new pet and help it settle into their new home. 

Find the right place for their litterbox

They eat mice, birds, bugs, and whatever you drop on the floor, they sleep anywhere but they tend to be picky when it comes to their litterbox. You will need to place it in a quiet place in your home since they don’t want to do their business in a noisy area.

Also, learn about your cat’s breed and see how big it will get so you can get a roomy litterbox on time. Those boxes with doors are convenient, but keep in mind that not all cats are fans of these. 

Create a scratching area

Every cat in this world scratches, it is simply their natural need and there is nothing you can do about it. However, there is a way you can protect your furniture from getting completely destroyed.

When a cat has a proper scratching post where it can remove old material from the claws and stretch, it won’t treat your couch, drapery, and carpets as its toy.  The post should be tall enough so that a full-grown cat can stretch out on and be sturdy.

Control the portions

Some cats eat only when they are hungry and if your cat is like that, you can keep its bowl always filled with food. However, others do not know when to stop eating and if you own a genuine Garfield, controlling its portions is necessary. Otherwise, you will end up with a fat kitty with a ton of health problems.

Consider spaying or neutering

If you are not interested in ever breeding your cat, talk to the vet, and have it spayed or neutered. This way not only will you save yourself from having a house full of kittens, but you will help your cat avoid certain infections and cancers.

In addition, male cats that are not neutered can pee all over your house while marking their territory and that is a scent you will never get rid of. In this case, some cats need to wear diapers, including those with special needs, spraying problems, and long-term medical issues.

Playtime is important

Dogs are not the only pets that need you to play with them. In fact, cats need activity on a daily basis so if you do not give them something to hunt, like a laser or a toy mouse, they will find something to play with. Just don’t be surprised if they use your feet as a chew toy. 

Keep in mind that an animal is a living creature, and it requires your love and attention. Therefore, make sure you have time to properly look after it before you buy or adopt a cat.

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