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7 Tips for Your Next Redecoration Mission

Whether you just bought a new home or you want to spice up your living space, decorating is your buddy! According to designing experts, homeowners should redecorate every once in four years. However, no matter how easy Pinterest makes it look, the actual process of redecoration is very daunting. The endless choice of colors and styles is bound to make anybody go crazy.

7 Ways You Can Fall in Love With Decorating

From setting your budget to choosing a theme that fits your lifestyle, redecoration can be a challenge. But it can also become super fun. If you plan it right and promise to enjoy the journey, this daunting task might just become your new hobby. So, here are some tips to help you tackle this mission like a pro!

1. Decide What You Want to Keep and Bid Goodbye to the Rest!

You cannot make a place look new and fresh if it’s filled with ghosts of yesterday. Make it a point to decide what things you want to keep and what you want to give away. Keep your favorite new lamp but give away that old lampstand. You can even sell your old furniture online and earn some extra bucks!

2. Prioritize, Prioritize, Prioritize!

One of the reasons most people put off redecorating is because they don’t know where to start! Or they begin all together and get exhausted by all the choices. Instead, make a plan and prioritize. Is the bedroom most in need of a change? Does your kitchen wall in need of furnishing? Start where it’s needed the most and work your way through the house.

3. Decide Your Vibe

Anyone who said that only people have a personality never stepped into a modern home exuding confidence at every corner. Those walls don’t just talk – they tell a story! Choose what vibe you want your home to radiate. There are plenty of styles to choose from! Check out some popular themes to get those idea juices flowing.

4. Develop a Budget

Once you’ve cleared the place and decided on a theme, the next step is to develop a solid budget. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and spend a lot of money when it comes to redecorating. Be prepared with a budget to save yourself from winging it as the bills pile up.

5. Copy What Works

Redecorating is the one place where copying is recommended! Don’t shy away from asking your friends who did their impressive ceilings. Indulge in home decorating magazines, bring home paint swatches and pick your favorite shades. You can also find some cool apps that can help you redecorate right from your fingertips.

6. The Power of Paint

Paint has the power to make or break a room. It is so important to choose the color and style that matches your personality and your desired theme. Or, ditch the plain single-colored wall, and opt for a gorgeous mural or wallpaper instead to add some zest! Check out to find just the right fit for your home.

7. Don’t Rush the Process!

An amazing “after photo” is a result of a lengthy “before” process. Layer the rooms one by one. Start with the basics of fixing any old dents, changing the tiles, and so on. Move on to paint and choose accessories slowly and carefully. If you want to see how a piece of furniture fits in your home, you can rent a similar one first.

Final Thoughts

Redecorating is a long and exhausting journey! Choices may overwhelm you at first but don’t forget to enjoy the process. Take some time right at the start to create your plan of action.

Experiment with colors and do some major “moving around.” Make sure to have a sound, safe structure first and then move to a gorgeous new look. This is your home, so make it your happy place!

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