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5 Unheard Tips To Understand Wine

The wedding season is here and you must have already received numerous invitations and with it comes the struggle of finding the right wedding gifts.

Well, here’s our favorite pick: a classy and aesthetic bottle of wine. Why just limit wine to gifting the newlywed couples? The wine bottles work so well when it comes to gifting someone on a good occasion. According to research, 44% of individuals below the age of 35 years in the Netherlands gift alcoholic beverages on occasions.

Well, there is one issue that remains common in all instances whether you are gifting a bottle of wine to someone or buying it to impress everyone on a dinner gathering back at your place, that is: how to understand which wine is perfect for you? For most of us, we have tried one or two variants of wine and remain loyal to those picks. But we suggest you try and branch out your options.

The world is filled with thousands of grape varieties and numerous wine producers, it becomes overwhelming for people to understand which wine actually fits their requirement and taste.

But, don’t worry. This think-piece will help overcome these difficulties by giving you a few secret tips to understand wine perfectly.

1. Keep an Eye on 7 Noble Grape Varieties

Always remember the seven noble grape varieties: Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah/Shiraz.

So, what is so special about these noble grape varietals? These noble grape varietals are the most produced grape varietals around the globe while keeping their core characteristics. For instance, when you try a Riesling from a particular region, irrespective of how it is produced, you will notice that it still maintains its core taste profile.

A noble grape varietal may be richer than others and maybe lighter, but its core essence in the form of flavor, aroma, body, and color is consistent all over the world. Also, it has an additional advantage of easy availability because it is easy to find in your nearest wine shops, grocery stores, and also on restaurant menus.

2. Focus on the Best Regions

Wine is all about the region it is produced in, thus, focusing on top regions will help anyone select a good wine. Wine can be produced by any country and any region and of any grape varietal.

For instance, if you know that Willamette Valley of Oregon produces some of the best Pinot Noir, you just need to go to the Pinot Noir section and get the wine bottle prepared from Willamette Valley, Oregon.

Similarly, if you knew that the best Cabernet Sauvignons are produced from California’s Napa Valley then you would straight go find the wine bottle of Napa Cabs without getting confused.

One secret which helps here is that the wineries do not necessarily have to be the same if the region is known for that style of wine, you can easily buy a bottle of wine based on that particular region and relish the same taste!

For more information regarding wineries in Australia and their specialties, check out Wine Regions Australia.

3. Be Aware of Taste Profiles

Before you choose a wine, you must be familiar with the taste profiles of different wines and this is only possible when you taste it. One of the best ways to familiarise one’s taste pallet with the wines is by tasting different variants alongside.

After you have got the taste profiles of different wines, you know exactly which wine section to go for depending on your personal taste or occasion requirement.

4. Be Aware of Aroma, Body, and Colour

As mentioned in the previous point, the best way to understand wine is by tasting it. It not only familiarises you with different taste profiles but also makes you familiar with the aromatics, light to full body, and color variations.

This will help you to distinguish between a typical Cabernet Sauvignons and Pinot Noir taste, look and smell.

5. Ease in Wine Pairing with Food

If you focus on the seven noble grapes and are aware of their aromatics, body, taste profiles, and color, it will help you in pairing your wine with food.

In short, the above four tips will help you in getting your personal dinner table to look perfect and well arranged.

So, these are a few unheard tips about wine that will help you choose the best flavor. But, remember wine’s flavor will also depend on the food choice you are pairing it with, so make sure you make clever choices there!

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