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5 Unique Toga Themed Party Ideas for a Vintage Touch

For some people, the first thing that comes to mind when a toga-themed party is mentioned is their wild college parties. But a toga-themed party is more than just partying hard and drinking lots of alcohol.

So, you need to think outside the box when you are planning this type of event. This article offers you some unique toga-themed party ideas to give your event a vintage touch.

What Is a Toga-Themed Party?


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A toga-themed party is a costumed-themed party that is based on the traditional Greco-Roman world. Greco-Roman is the geographical regions and nations that are culturally and historically influenced by the languages, cultures, governments, and religions of the early Greeks and Romans. When attending a toga-themed party, all attendees are required to wear a toga with sandals.

A toga is a unique loose garment that was commonly worn by ancient Romans. The traditional toga was unevenly semicircular and draped over the shoulders and around the body. It was approximately 12 to 20 feet long and was usually worn over a tunic.

This cloth was knitted from pure white wool to give it a spotless white color. That’s why it was the favorite outfit for Romulus, the founder of Rome. Originally, the toga garment was worn by both men and women, but later on, Roman women found the stola cloth more fashionable and comfortable than the toga. Consequently, the toga became the ceremonial wear for Roman men.

However, there were different types of toga designed to signify the various ranks that existed in Rome’s civil hierarchy. Also, some laws and traditions restricted some citizens from wearing a toga. These citizens were only allowed to wear this special cloth for civic duties and public celebrations.

Over the years, the toga developed from a simple work garment to a more voluminous, complex, and costly outfit that was only worn for formal and traditional occasions. Thus far, the toga is still considered the national costume for ancient Rome. Therefore, it still has great representational value. However, modern Romans find it too heavy, uncomfortable, and difficult to wear properly.

Consequently, different versions of toga have emerged that lean more towards the latest fashion designs. Therefore, your guests shouldn’t have problems wearing today’s toga when attending your toga-themed party. Apart from wearing a toga, there are several other activities that you can add to your party to ensure it adheres to the ancient Roman theme.

For instance, a real toga-themed party is related to wild keg parties with excessive drinking and numerous party games. That’s why most toga-themed parties are mainly associated with college and university students. But it can also attract older attendees.

Who Invented Toga Parties?


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The first toga-themed party is alleged to have been held in 1934 at the White House in the United States. It was organized by the first lady Eleanor Roosevelt because she wanted to ridicule people who criticized her husband President Franklin D. Roosevelt and compared him to Caesar.

Two decades later, the earliest college toga party was held in the U.S.A. as recorded in the yearbooks for Theta Delta Chi in 1952 and the University of Michigan’s Acacia Fraternity in 1953.

In 1953, another college toga party was held by Pomona College students, who wore togas and ivy headdresses, and took their mattresses to freshman mark Neuman’s house on Hillcrest Avenue, Flintridge.

Before these Greco-Roman-themed parties became known as toga parties, they were referred to as “bed sheet and pillow slip parties” or “pillow slip” parties. Attendees wore bed sheets and pillow slips. These parties were frequently held by comradely orders, such as the Masons, Elks, and Odd Fellows.

In 1882, the Terpsichore Society of the Ohio State University organized a pillow slip party, which is arguably seen as the first-ever college toga-themed party. According to the Guinness World Record, the largest ever held toga-themed party had 3,700 participants.

It was held on 24 February 2012 at the Riverstage in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia by the Student Guild comprising students from the University of Queensland Union and the Queensland University of technology.

What Do You Need for a Toga Party?


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While there are numerous fun and imaginative ways to organize a toga-themed party, there are certain essential elements that a real toga-theme party shouldn’t lack. So, the most important question that you need to ask yourself when organizing this party is: What do I need for the party? Here are some of the most important elements of a toga-themed party.

1. Toga Invitations

Your toga party invitations should help you to set the right mood for the party. Fortunately, you can buy your toga-themed party invitations from gift stores or design them yourself. If you choose the DIY route, choose a suitable Roman matching font and colors.

2. Toga Party Décor

The décor elements you choose for your toga-themed party should match the ancient Roman decorations. Make sure they have the right colors, including white and gold because they were very common in ancient Rome.

Also, use draping sheets to cover the seats, walls, and certain parts of the floor. You can also turn the venue into an ancient Greco-Roman paradise by incorporating greenery, hanging fake ivy vines, grapes on the tables, and potted plants.

3. Toga Party Costumes

As mentioned above, the dress code for a toga-themed party is the toga garment and sandals. Even if your guests can’t get a hold of the ancient Roman toga, there are many modern toga designs they can wear.

4. Toga Party Food and Drinks

Traditionally, toga parties are characterized by wild partying and a lot of drinking. Therefore, don’t supply your guests with enough alcoholic drinks and Roman foods. For instance, make sure there are enough fruits like grapes and pears, cheese, vegetables, nuts, figs, olives, dates, and loaves of round bread. You should also have non-alcoholic drinks for the attendees who don’t take alcohol.

When planning a toga party, you can also prepare some exquisite gifts for the participants. Common party gifts include customized lapel pins, personalized coasters, bottle openers, commemorative coins, etc. These fabulous party favors will make guests feel special and excited.

5 Toga-Themed Party Ideas


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From the unique dress code to the wide range of drinks and foods, many unique ideas can help you to throw a memorable toga-themed party. Here are some unique toga-themed party ideas to inspire you.

1. Toga Garments

As noted above, a toga-themed party cannot be complete without your guests wearing toga garments. Your attendees can choose to either come dressed in full toga outfits or change into them when they arrive at the venue. Also, each guest can choose whether to wear a t-shirt under their toga cloth or leave their chest bare. Either way, you have to let them know what they’re expected to wear on your invitations.

2. Laurel Wreath

Since Ancient Romans wore a laurel wreath to show their authority and status in society, you can also allow your guests to wear these laurels to make their outfits exceptional. These wreaths don’t have to be expensive. You can just create them from simple accessories, such as glitter, feathers, magazine cutouts, buttons, etc.

3. Toga Party Games

Your toga-themed party can’t be complete without an element of the great Roman mythology. So, include a classic guessing party game like “Which Roman God Am I?” This game involves asking each attendee to tie a card with the name of a Roman god to their forehead. Then they should ask each other yes and no questions until each guest correctly guesses the name of their card.

4. Toga Fashion Show

You can move your party’s entertainment a notch higher by hosting a toga fashion show. After all, you don’t get to spend quality time with your friends when they’re half-naked all the time. Therefore, a fashion show would allow everyone to exhibit their toga prowess with pride.

5. Opposite Commands

Ask your guests to stand together in a circle and give them five simple commands like Sword Left (swing left arm to the left), Sword Right (swing right arm to the right), In (take one step forward), Out (take a step back), and Up (jump up).

This game may seem simple but remember that the guests are supposed to do the opposite of the command given. Anyone who makes the wrong move is eliminated.

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