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8 Best Tools Every Woman Needs

Women should not shy away from sex or talk about it. Sex is an integral part of our lives, and in a way, it helps us lose our inhibitions. When it comes to women, they take time to reach orgasm as compared to their partner, which can sometimes leave them unsatisfied.

Moreover, there are nights when you are not with your partner. Or you want to have a bit of fun. For those nights, experimenting with sex toys can make the night pleasurable for you.

Also, never reserve the use of sexual toys for barren nights. Introduce them to your partner. Trying something new can keep the romance alive (only if your partner is okay with sex toys).

Here are 8 best tools for women

1. Cowgirl premium riding sex machine

Cowgirl premium riding sex machine from Cirilla’s adult toy store is a sophisticated design that can offer you the best sexual experience. It has an independent rotator and vibrator that provides you with 6 different vibrating patterns. Also, enjoy 360swivel rotation with it at any speed you like.

The form and function of this sex toy intensify the pleasure, and you do not even need a man for it! It is controllable by a remote, so you will never feel out of control when using it.

2. Lubricants

Do not be shy if you need a lubricant to make your sex routine with your partner gratifying. A woman in her 50s or 40s may need a lubricant. There are tons of options available for you in the market. With technological advancement, you unquestionably do not have to take a cold bath to feel wetter.

Just do a bit of research before buying one, and trying on a few options before you settle on one is a better choice.

3. G-spot vibrators

These vibrators are best for G-spot and internal stimulation simultaneously. Such kinds of vibrators offer a different mode to ensure that you do not feel bored with the same speed or mode or pulse. It is the best tool to have fun and experiment.

4. Hide and play lipstick vibrator

Not adventurous enough to carry a full-on vibrator with you or keep at home? We understand your reluctance and shyness. With this hide-and-play lipstick vibrator, you never have to compromise on self-pleasure. This toy is a powerful tool with different settings to make your nights pleasurable.

5. The flamingo

The flamingo is an electric vibrator that has 9 modes. So, you have numerous options to choose from and enjoy alone or with a partner to have a pleasurable night. A pro tip to understand here is to introduce it to your partner only after you try it once.

6. Arousal gels

They are a new invention that can enhance your orgasms or sensation during intimacy. They have a proper science behind them and you can find them in gel or balm form. Here are the best arousal gels to try from.

7. We-Vibe sync

It is a remote-controlled vibrator that is best for either woman on its own. Or couples can enjoy it together even when they are states apart. With the remote you have; it lets you select the intensity of external and internal massagers. Or you can create a tickle pattern by customizing it.

8. Tomboi Harness

A perfect tool for a woman who loves to go penetrative way during intimacy, but is in a relationship with women. It is like underwear, yet it can hold a dildo of your preference with ease.

Tips for using sex toys safely

  • Buy a sex toy that is safe to use and easy to clean. The material should be such that you cannot break it, and it feels smooth to use.
  • Never share your sex toys with friends or roommates. That is not hygienic as it can increase the risk of STDs and other sexual diseases.
  • If you are using the toys in a different region that it is meant to be, clean it thoroughly or risk infections.

Try these sex toys to make your sex life fun and adventurous. They can also make women reach climax better as it does everything and impacts all erogenous. No more watching or reading fifty shades of grey thankfully, as these toys will satisfy you beyond imagination.

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