treatment of sinus infections with cbd

Effective Treatment of Sinus Infections: Most Symptoms Can Be Treated With CBD

The sinuses are a series of cavities located in the skull around the nose area. Their purpose is not entirely clear, but plausible suggestions include helping to make the skull light, and helping with speech. Regardless of their purpose, our sinuses are lined with soft tissues, and these tissues are prone to infections in a condition known as sinusitis.

Although not usually dangerous, sinus infections can still be uncomfortable and cause symptoms including pain, fever, runny nose, sore throat, headache, bad breath, and a cough.

How Are Sinus Infections Different From the Common Cold?

The common cold is when the nose and throat have been infected with a virus. It is usually the nose and throat that are affected during a common cold, and the symptoms are usually similar to sinusitis. The key difference between the two is the location of the infection.

In a common cold, the infection is located in the nose and mouth, while in sinusitis the location is in the soft tissues in the sinuses. Another difference is that the cold is caused by a virus, whereas sinusitis can be caused by a virus or bacteria.

Although they are two separate conditions, a cold will sometimes lead to sinusitis.

Treating Sinus Infections with CBD

You may have heard that CBD can help to treat various medical conditions, so you might be wondering how to use CBD oil for sinusitis. Well, there are various ways you can use CBD to help treat the condition. Possible treatment methods include:

• Vaping
• Applying CBD topically to the sinus area
• Adding CBD oil to food
• Consuming CBD oil drops directly

Which method you choose depends mostly on personal preference. The product should have a similar effect regardless of how it is used, but some people might still find better results according to how they use it.

Does CBD Have Antibiotic Properties?

Studies have shown that CBD is able to kill bacteria. Because sinusitis is sometimes caused by a bacterial infection, CBD will sometimes be able to help treat the cause of the condition. Not only does this mean CBD could help to cure sinusitis, but it might also be able to prevent it in some cases. If a bacterium does manage to make its way in the body, it may be neutralized by CBD before it can do any harm.

How Can CBD Oil Help With General Body Pain?

CBD is able to interact with receptors on the Endocannabinoid System (ECS). The CBD helps with the regulation of various bodily functions, including pain. Thus, people who use CBD products are likely to find a reduction in any pain they are experiencing. This pain reduction can be very beneficial for people with sinusitis which can cause considerable pain in the facial area.

In addition to CBD’s antibacterial properties, the compound also has anti-inflammatory properties. This property is particularly useful for helping to treat sinusitis because of the discomfort caused by the inflammation of the tissues that line the sinuses.

When they become inflamed, they can result in blockages and excess mucus production, while also contributing to the pain that is often caused. Thus, when CBD helps to reduce this inflammation, symptoms like blocked passages, a runny nose, and facial pain can be reduced.

Allergic Sinusitis among Children

Allergic sinusitis is a condition that happens when the tissues lining the sinuses become irritated and inflamed after contact with allergens. It usually causes the same symptoms as sinusitis caused by infections, and is particularly common in children and young adults. Inflammation caused by allergic sinusitis will sometimes also go on to cause an infection.

People might be reluctant to give CBD to children because of the compound’s association with cannabis, but CBD is not known to cause any harm. As with any other kind of medical treatment, however, only small doses should be administered. If you are not sure then it is always advisable to speak with a doctor first.

In cases of allergic sinusitis, CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties can help to relieve much of the discomfort by reducing the inflammation, hence reducing the severity of the symptoms.


Sinus infections can be quite unpleasant; they can put us out of action for a few days as the symptoms become difficult to cope with. There are numerous remedies available on the market that can help but they won’t all be effective for everybody. Some people might also have allergies to medicines, or have other reasons that prevent them from getting treatment for a sinus infection.

The good news is that CBD could be the answer to your problem. CBD’s properties can help to relieve the symptoms of a sinus infection, while also helping to deal with the underlying cause of the problem.

CBD is also easy to use and can be used in a wide range of different ways. All research so far also suggests that CBD is safe to use, with no problems reported so far. Plus, CBD can help with a wide range of other medical conditions, ranging from arthritis to anxiety. It can also just be fun to use and beneficial in social situations.

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