types of guns with pictures and names

10 Interesting Types of Guns with Pictures and Names

Everybody loves the second amendment. The right to own and operate a personal firearm has been one of America’s leading self-defense mottos. People carry a personal firearm for self-defense because it levels the playing field between a dangerous criminal with fighting experience and the average person.

Guns are not alternatives to water guns. They are dangerous, lethal, and often misused. Nonetheless, they play a critical role in society to help keep the peace. Here is everything you need to know about the different types of guns with pictures and names. Availability varies by state because some states have specific embargos, while some have outlawed gun ownership altogether.

How Do Guns Work

The first thing you need to know is that guns can be divided into 3 categories. How they work will depend on the category of firearm they fall into.

#1. Manual Guns


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Manual guns have to be loaded for every shot you fire. It’s the earliest type of gun, and its use goes back to the 18th century.

#2. Semi-Automatic


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Semi-automatic guns will fire one shot every time the trigger is pulled.

#3. Automatic Guns


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Automatic Guns keep firing rounds until the trigger is released.

Most modern guns use a combination of gunpowder and a spring-loaded hammer or striker. The spring hosts a tremendous amount of potential energy that it passes on to the bullet when the shot is fired.

When the trigger is pulled, the hammer uses the force from the spring to slam into the primer. This ignites gunpowder at the back of the bullet that releases it through the barrel with enormous force.

10 Types of Guns with Pictures And Names

There are many different types of guns, and they each operate using the same fundamental principles as described earlier. However, due to the unique nature of their design, some of these guns are able to exert greater force, fire multiple rounds, or even projectile shrapnel.

#1. Bolt Action Rifles


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The bolt action rifle is a manual firearm operated by using the bolt handle located on the right side of the weapon. The first bolt action rifle was invented in 1824 by the German firearm manufacturer, Johann Nikolaus von Dreyse, for use in warfare.

Bolt action rifles are useful for making precision range shots in long-range attacks and generally come with an optical scope. They aren’t practical for head-on-head attacks because they take time to load and aim but make excellent stealth weapons. Bolt action rifles did not see much service in the German Revolutions of 1848. Today, they’re chiefly used as hunting rifles.

#2. Semi-Automatic Rifles


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A semi-automatic rifle fires one shot for every pull of the trigger. It cannot be used to fire repeated rounds, but the cartridge automatically loads the next bullet for the next shot. Semi-automatics are considered the most widely produced firearms in the United States as they help conserve bullets.

The world’s first semi-automatic rifle was conceptualized and designed in Germany by local firearms manufacturer Ferdinand Mannlicher in 1885. At the time, however, the loading had many flaws and needed improvements. Semi-automatics did not become common until 1937. Today, it’s one of the best self-defense weapons you can own.

#3. Lever Action Rifles

Lever Action

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Lever action rifles is a colloquial term for rifles that employ lever action to reload the firearm for repeated action. It comes with a manually operated cocking handle located around the trigger that you pull to feed or extract cartridges in/out of the chamber and cock the firing pin.

Lever action rifles were common from the Civil War to World War I since they could be reloaded with ease. The most famous model ever created was the Winchester Model in 1866, which came with a 14-shot and a distinctive brass-alloy frame.

#4. Shotguns


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Shotguns are unlike any of the guns on this list and arguably the most painful gun to be shot with at close range. It has a long barrel that is designed to shoot a straight-walled cartridge, also known as a shotgun shell. The shotgun shell discharges a series of tiny spherical projectiles or pellets in all directions.

Shotguns, however, only work at close range. They target a much larger area than a single bullet would, which makes them useful for close confrontations with multiple attackers.

#5. Revolvers


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Revolvers are a type of repeating handgun with a wheel that rotates after each shot. The wheel contains at least 6 chambers, each for holding a single cartridge so revolvers can fire up to 6 shots.

They’re excellent for short-range combat and easy to carry around. Revolvers are a common choice of weapon for self-defense. However, due to the limited capacity of cartridges, they’re not frequently used in military combat.

#6. Machine Guns


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A machine gun is a fully-loaded automatic firearm with fully powered cartridges. It reloads cartridges automatically and is designed for sustained firing until the trigger is released.

Machine guns are highly dangerous and illegal to own for the general public. Federal law only permits the transfer of machine guns owned lawfully prior to 1986, so a couple of machine guns are still in circulation. But a newly designed machine gun is completely off-limits.

Machine guns are useful for close combat, long-range combat, and fighting off multiple attackers. They are capable of firing continuous rounds for minutes, making them the most dangerous on this list.

#7. Pistols


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Pistols, sometimes also referred to as handguns, are semi-automatic and similar to revolvers. “Pistol” is more of a general term that’s applied to all guns that can be operated using a single hand and fit into a holster.

Pistols are the most commonly sought-after weapons for self-defense in the United States because they’re easy to use and carry around, and they can fire multiple shots.

#8. Sniper Rifles


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Sniper rifles are long-ranged firearms designed to make precision shots for stealth assassinations. They come equipped with an optical scope that lets you shoot targets from as far as half a mile away.

It’s not ideal for self-defense, however, because they take time to load and cannot fire multiple shots. They’re also illegal in most states.

#9. Submachine Guns


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A submachine gun is an automatic firearm designed to fire handgun cartridges. They’re basically machine guns that can fit in your hand.

They can fire multiple cartridges, which is highly effective for military combat. However, assault rifles still give more range and precision, so they’re more commonly preferred.

#10. Automatic Rifles

Automatic Rifle

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An automatic rifle has the range and capabilities of a rifle and is also capable of fully automatic fire.

It’s the most commonly used combat tool in the military because it can fire shots in succession. The AK-47 is one of the most famous automatic rifles.

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