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How To Use Templates To Design Instagram Posts

Instagram is not just for personal photos anymore. As the social media platform continues to grow, brands are flocking to it in droves. The latest trend? Templates!

This blog post will highlight the top six templates you can use to design your Instagram posts and start this new form of marketing today.

Top Six Templates You Can Use To Design Your Instagram Posts

1. The Grid

The first thing you will notice about the Instagram grid is the large image in the center of the post. Users have been using this image to tease products, announce events, and build anticipation for big launches. It also functions as a way to highlight your company’s logo. In this template, you can include a short description or caption that reinforces your brand values.

2. Square Pics

According to experts, a square-shaped photo is the best option for Instagram. You can show off your product, brand, or yourself in a glamorous way by featuring a beautiful image with a clear white background.

Instagram post maker within Adobe Spark has a plethora of templates you can use to develop square photos for Instagram. Use this tool to design square pictures with your logo, a product, or a brand name.

3. Commercials

Adobe Spark has provided an awesome template to showcase your products, services, or projects. This template allows you to showcase your company’s products or work in a clean and modern layout.

Take advantage of this template and post a commercial to your Instagram account. It is also a great template for posting announcements or events.

4. Stars

The star shape is becoming increasingly popular on Instagram as users can easily find content related to the star shape around Lunar New Year. This should be your go-to template if you are looking for an easy-to-use design that will give you great results but don’t have time to set up an entire template.

Apps like Adobe Spark have designed this template to be easy to use on Instagram but can be used for other social media platforms as well.

Use this template to make a card or a post with a star or a number. You can use it for your business, product, or project.

5. Logo

The logo template is popular because it allows users to post pictures of their brand without the need for a full description. It’s also easy for your followers to find content related to their favorite brands by searching the hashtag associated with this format.

Some apps allow you to design a template with an area for your company logo, so it is the ideal choice if you want to show off your brand.

6. Hashtag

This template allows users to post pictures related to a specific topic without the need for a description. Users can search the hashtag associated with this template to find content related to their preferred topic. This is great for products where you have a specific message that you want your followers to take away with them.

Adobe Spark is a great place to look for templates if you are trying to figure out how to use templates to design Instagram posts. Please take a look at all of the templates that they have available and find the one that best suits your business.

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